Wednesday, January 25

i have a fish trophy, but i wouldn't mind a pig one

January 18
Dining Room Wall
Yes, that is how our thermostat is mounted. But look at the job Jody is doing all by herself!

January 19
Cary Street
I figured this wall art is way more exciting than anything I could muster up at home. And if I'm out and about I might as well note it. I went to the knitting store to get help with my next set of instructions on the sweater.

January 20
WF Parking Lot
Andy picked me up from work because he dropped me off there in the morning. He was dancing like crazy to LaRue.

January 21
C'est La Vin
Celebrating Nate's 30th birthday with a sophisticated wine tasting and dinner. But then the going away party for the 20-something-year-old started and we couldn't hear ourselves think over the band. But it was fun! Also, shout out to my mom for her birthday today.

January 22
Alamo BBQ
I'd make meat if it meant getting a trophy with a pig on it. BTW, I did eat two bites of barbecue pork to satisfy my end of the deal. I kind of liked it.

January 23
Office Couch
The slow, slow progress of sweater knitting. I just hope to goodness it fits when I'm done.

January 24
Sometimes the party in the sky is too big to be ignored.

January 25
I had a 6:30 am WF meeting (where I was voted on as an official Team Member!) and afterward had an exploration adventure. I went to the fine arts museum and for a lot of it had the rooms to myself. This is outside though.

January 26
Living Room
Today I have been thinking a lot about my aunt and uncle. It is probably because my mom and her sisters got on a plane this morning to Tortola. They took this same trip last January and, based on the pictures, it looked like one of the best weeks of their lives. I know there are going to be some really hard times for them this week, but I hope they have some of what they had last year also.

This is January (click me if you care). At least, it's what has happened so far.

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