Friday, June 7

i want to quit my job and craft

May 8
Schemmel House
This little girl rolls all over the place now.

May 9
Three layers of strawberry cake for Sister's graduation party.

May 10
Brown's Island
Andy's after-dinner snack: Beer soaked turkey leg.

May 11
Schemmel House
Sister's graduation cake. You know, U of R Spiders. Not Happy Halloween.

May 12
Feeding Mom all her favorites on Mother's Day. Chicken, waffles, and beer.

May 13
Front Yard
Mom and I put in this new slate walkway.

May 14
A venture through the neighborhood led me to this lighthouse collection. Very admirable.

May 15
Front Porch
Getting ready to do some damage on these drawers. And by do some damage, I mean do some good.

May 16
Lewis Ginter
About to listen to Iron & Wine with this Cheerio eating cutie (and her parents)!

May 17
Front Porch
Dining with our projects. Very romantic.

May 18
Sweet Frog
Dining with Mom. Also very romantic.

May 19
Front Porch
Colors have been decided and spray painting has commenced! Turns out there is skill involved in spray painting. I didn't do so hot my first go round.

May 20
Schemmel House
 Adah sporting her new kitty graphic onesie. Teaching her that cats are better from a young age.

May 21
Side Yard
Pruning the trees and shrubs around the house big time and came across these beauties hiding out.

May 22
Goochland Drive-In
I have been waiting for this moment for years. Well, not this exact moment where Andy and Mom are eating GoochDogs, but this moment of being at the Goochland Drive-In. Totally worth the drive. And sorry I keep posting funny pictures of you eating, Mom.

May 23
Our upstairs is the guest room. I swear there is a bed in this picture. It is also our temporary storage because we have not gone through and organized stuff. Today was the first day of doing that.

May 24
The latest knitting project. Sister, if you see this don't show Adah.

May 25
Pie crusts for the station. I'm afraid they've gotten used to home baked goods.

May 26
Lewis Ginter
Adah's funny little side smile.

May 27
I had to take a selfie to show my Memorial Day spirit. Also, cat on the mirror and cat on my shirt!

May 28
We got some veggies in the ground!

May 29
Guest room clean. Craft cabinet organized and labeled. Please come stay! And if you can't sleep, make something!

Andy's contribution
His district chief, an employee of the county for 37 years, retires.

May 30
Made these bamboo stakes for the garden fence.

May 31
Getting ready for an overhaul so this is a lousy before picture. You can't even see the vanity cabinets, which are white, and tell the walls are a light green color. But trust me.

June 1
A day at the river with Andy's station mates. I'll take it!

June 2
The fence is up! Now what it is actually going to keep out, I'm not sure, but maybe it's just peace of mind.

June 3
Living Room
 Remember those empty spaces (see March 19) of dirty, unpainted wall the radiators left behind? Well, Mom is a champion project-er and fixed all those.

June 4
Schemmel House
Steven made this for me. I ate the whole thing.

June 5
Feels brand new! For those of you concerned about the old shower curtain, don't worry. I, let's be honest, my mom, is going to make a couple pillows out of it for outdoor chairs! I wasn't quite ready to part with it. But the new one is fun too. (Those are the trees reflected in the mirror and if you look really closely you can see the blue rod it is attached to.)

June 6