Saturday, February 9

Low 22, High 75

January 18
Living Room
The photo of shame. These clean clothes first sat in the dryer for a week and now they have been on the couch for a week. I love to do laundry.

January 19
The Larkum's
Sushi Saturday with the future Roh-Dicks! (Future Roh-Dicks not photographed, but they are there somewhere.)

January 20
Butcher Block
A banana muffin baking fest. It's really great when I'm motivated to use up food before it goes bad.

January 21
Butcher Block again
I'm not sure if you will understand the scale of this rolling pin unless holding it in your own hands, but it was made for a giant. The plantains next to it give it some scale. Thank you, Andy, for adding to our collection of oversized things.

January 22
January's Jamaican Feast, complete with activity (dominoes a couple days ago). For dinner I made beef patties, avocado, shrimp, and mango salad, peas and rice, and plantains. We also had a real Jamaican over to make it more authentic! Shout out to Natasha and her sewing machine!

January 23
Finishing what we started. That's Natasha's sewing machine and those are thank you cards that are ready to be written in, but we have yet to do so...

January 24
WFM Parking Lot
These are 4 am footsteps in our first bit of snow for the season.

January 25
Golf Course across the street
And it snowed some more! Clearly we aren't sick of this. But I am a bit of a pansy. I bundled up pretty good and was ready to go inside after about 10 minutes of chill. At least I made a snow angel.

January 26
Libby Hill Park
I was in charge of grabbing Andy's coat and I forgot it! He's tough. He's a firefighter. (Just to let you know what else we did today: Our friends, Matt and Claire, came down from DC so we took them on a Church Hill bakery tour. I'm fatter and happier now.)

January 27
Andy thinks he can get me to start eating meat and then he goes and does something like this. We had a last supper before Bob goes to Singapore for a month!

January 28
The view from our toilet. That's right, the view from our toilet.

January 29
Front Porch
I knocked off a killer to-do list. Mostly killer because it involved washing my car, inside and out. It was 70 degrees outside. I saw only one way to reward myself for this.

January 30
You can't help but notice something like the first signs of spring!

January 31
If I lived on a desert island, I think two of my three procurements would be peanut butter and chocolate chips.

February 1
Sister and Adah came over for a visit. She's a sitter now!

February 2
Wintergreen, VA
Went to the mountains for Sammy's birthday. It was some kind of awesome with snow tubing, celebrating, and donut tower cake eating!

February 3
Wintergreen, VA
The morning after. A little breakfast and some nice views to heal our tired bones.

February 4
Our empty pantry ready to be moved out of our current kitchen. Let the party begin! And by party, I mean work.