Sunday, October 30

Tough Mudder by Morning, Gaylord by Night

October 21
Dining Room Table
Preparation for Andy's Tough Mudder race tomorrow. What is the best trail mix ingredient? Most would say M&M's, hands down. They would all be wrong. It's Oatmeal Squares cereal.

October 22
Wintergreen, VA
Apparently this is what it means to be a Tough Mudder (pictures!). I preferred to remain a Tough Spectator. (Yes, I had to sign a death waiver to watch.)

October 23
The Potomac
Our annual visit to the Gaylord (pictures!). At least we rode the ferry to Alexandria this time. That's my pops and me all cool in the wind and sun.

October 24
Dining Room Table
Oma brought us some Kinder eggs back from Germany. Andy's had this carpenter grandpa elephant (he's wearing a bow tie and reading glasses). Mine had a drawing with hidden sea creatures and a secret decoder to see them with. How apropos.

October 25
The summer to winter change out. It's sad to put all these pretty fabrics under my bed, but it always feels like shopping when it's time to get them back out.

October 26
Carytown Parking Lot
One thing I love about "after work" is still seeing the sun in the sky, even if it is low and about to disappear.

October 27
Kitchen Counter
We keep getting squashes from our CSA so I finally used them all at the same time and made a pretty good squash soup. Yay fall time!

October 28
Whit and Andy getting our new wood stove, Jody (pronounced Yody), all ready for use. Good thing, too, because this morning it was 33 degrees and tonight it's supposed to be 29.

October 29
Whiskey Bar
So I am most ashamed at my lack of preparation for Halloween this year, and last for that matter. Anyway, this is what I came up with in 20 minutes. At least they are real firefighter suspender pants and at least I have a good ready-to-put-out-a-fire face.

Tuesday, October 25


October 14
Raleigh, NC
Tucker's Living Room
I was supposed to go to New York for the weekend, but it was too far for everything going on. And I really needed some old friend time. Luckily Tucker is only 2.5 hours away. I called her Thursday night and she let me show up Friday morning. This is Asher, 4 months and 1 day old and cute as a button in his sneaker socks.

October 15
Outside Raleigh
Pumpkin Patch
Asher's first exposure to a field of pumpkins. Here are more photos where we posed him with them and since he can't support himself yet, we used strategically placed pumpkins to hold him up.

October 16
Mom Siam patio
We were drinking and dining and Michael noticed this praying mantis on the drain pipe. I had never seen one before.

October 17
Delta Flight 1198
My Aunt Kathleen passed away this morning after a 7 month fight against brain cancer. Sister and I flew home and when there is not much that could help the day be better, we bought some Jelly Belly's for the ride.

She'd pull out a handful and we would alternate choosing beans. This was a good pull.

October 18
Little Rock, AR
Sitting on the stairs at Grandma's house
As everyone trickles into town, we gather at my Grandma's house. I was afraid I would lose it when I saw all my other aunts and uncles and cousins for the first time and I did a little bit. But my Grandma was so strong and composed and she said, "God gives us all these little kids and he takes them back eventually. But you are my consolation."

October 19
Little Rock, AR
Around the corner from the pull toys hanging on the cabinet
Sometimes when we have dinner at Grandma's it is easier to assign which table people will be sitting at so there is a list that is always posted in this same spot. I got the bedroom. The little kids got the laundry room. So there is that.

October 20
Little Rock, AR
Dining Room table
This is Aunt Kathleen and I at my Grandma's house (the one on the left in 1994, the one on the right a few years before that). We showed up on Easter in the same exact dress (unplanned) on two separate occasions. One of my favorite parts is that I don't even look that embarrassed. Goofy sure, but I'm okay with it.
Today was her funeral and it was surreal. Each day is when I think about her not being here. My heart hurts and breaks a little more each time I think about everyone who is going to miss her so much. But she fought hard and she was ready to go even though we weren't and now she is with her dad.

But I have memories like that that will always make me smile and be thankful for this incredible, giant family.

Sunday, October 16

Wilmington is for Lovers

There's a necessary preface to these days because they were more special than most. Because I participated in a wedding. And when you are helping one of your dearest friends go from "He's my fiance" to "He's my husband" it's a pretty big deal. And a pretty big honor that they want you to be one of the ones standing beside them with the backstage view--the right before you leave her and you get to share that last smile and mouth those last words as you see her almost-husband waiting like the happiest man alive. Because right then, he is. Then, starting right away with the waving ribbon wands as they walk down the aisle as The Logsdon's, everyone has a fantastic night celebrating.
*Congratulations, buddy!*

October 6
Room 602, Wilmington, DE
A bachelorette slumber party complete with pj pants, facial masks, Bridesmaids (the movie and the real ones), and gummy worms.

October 7
The Soda House, Wilmington, DE
Progress being made on the decorations. This is the mantle they got married in front of.

October 8
The Soda House, Wilmington, DE
There was finally an excuse after 10 years of carting around my costume bag from state to state. It was needed for the photo booth.

October 9
The Strand, New Castle, DE
Walking around before we begin our drive back south. A perfect fall day and the trees that remind us.

October 10
Kitchen Counter
I bought these little tartlets with the ambition of using them to make little tartlets for an interview. You know, writers bring samples, artists bring portfolios, bakers bring baked goods.

October 11
Kitchen Table
Tartlets didn't work out so well, but I used the shape to make tart cookies and put all the stuff on top. I'd say that for a "disaster" they turned out to be quite nice. Oh, and I got a job. Not baking, but in a bakery.

October 12
Living Room
Family reading on a rainy afternoon. Even Z wanted to check out the old wedding program Andy was using as a bookmark.

October 13
I hope Beth doesn't read this before she gets her mail. If so, well here's a preview of Hoot's new stuffed animal. A piggy wearing trousers!

I didn't do a great job of taking photos during the wedding weekend extravaganza, but the ones I did take are here.

Monday, October 10

State Fair. Don't mind if I do.

I just needed to make it more clear how worth it going to the State Fair is.

For one, food booths are shaped like the food they serve.

Speaking of food, donut burgers, fried green beans, and funnel cake.

And speaking of burgers, cows, pigs, alpacas, goats, chicks, zedonks, I love animals!

And speaking of pigs, we saw them, kids, pumpkins, and baked goods compete. And Andy won, too.

And speaking of Andy, he was there and so was Sister, Bekah, Nate, and me and even my dad, in a way.

And speaking of me, I rode a ride.

And speaking of rides, I love the State Fair.