Wednesday, March 20

Painting. With an occasional baby sighting.

March 1
Adah checks out the cat and the cat has no interest in Adah.

March 2
Back patio
Ronnie came over and helped excavate our back patio. When you have access to a machine that can do your job in twenty minutes, you don't worry about going out of order.

March 3
Challah! Since I work super early most days I don't get to enjoy my leisurely coffee and breakfast that often anymore. Now when I have a day off, that's sometimes my top priority. So I made this. For a leisurely French toast breakfast the next morning.

March 4
Living Room
After the leisurely French toast breakfast that turned into a breakfast feast with Andy, Mom, Bob, Elisabeth, Sister, and Adah. I have had this giant monkey sitting on a little table in the office since I made it. Not exactly sure what his role is going to be. Well, Adah is scared of him so I guess he's not going to be playing with her too much.

March 5
Paul's Place
Doing some Habitat-ing and consigning. This place, Paul's Place that is, has a yard full of radiators in case you need one.

March 6
It's been snowing all morning and I've been working all morning. I was not prepared for the stepping in deep slushy puddles in my measly boat shoes while trying to unbury my car.

March 7
Who knew? I didn't order this, but I did text Julia to show her that she has a meal named after her.

March 8
Picking up some paint. Oh, the possibilities! We went with boring, I mean, tastefully neutral.

March 9
1811 (that's across the street)
The painting commences! I think that captures the level of enthusiasm I started with. (Notice how paintless my shirt sleeve is!)

March 10
New holes in the floor for HVAC. (We are moving up in this world, and by up I mean to a more comfortable location when temperatures are extreme.) Z, the ever-exploring cat, jumps down the hole and gets stuck under the house until her loving owner lets her out.

March 11
No need for that old furnace any more!

March 12
This has been happening every day, fyi. Mostly by my mom, the superhero painter, but I have been helping between work. I have now discovered how much I loathe dark colors that require two coats and touch ups.

March 13
My first inventory experience as an adult. (We used to help my grandpa with inventory at his liquor store when we were kids. Imagine a crew of 8-10 year olds counting packs of cigarettes and bottles of booze.) This is what the office looks like in the wee hours of the morning.

March 14
Schemmel House
Getting a picture for Beth's birthday surprise slide show! And then having a girl's movie and ice cream night. We ate Chubby Hubby and watched Pitch Perfect (or maybe it's Perfect Pitch?). Either way, I loved it and now all I want to do is listen to pop music and be a good singer.

March 15
Remember that time I told you about the leisurely French toast breakfast? Well, I found these in the oven on March 15, eleven days after that breakfast. Clearly we have not been cooking much lately. No, I did not eat these; they were hard as rocks.

March 16
Getting ready for a trip to the park and LOLing a lot.

March 17
Look at all those tastefully neutral walls! I must say, the house looks significantly better and Coco better  like it when she moves in!

March 18
Dinner by my lonesome. 

March 19
Living Room
No more radiators! Even though it looks like they are still there. Gross. Rooms look a lot bigger now.

March 20
Mom left this morning and we are trying to wrap up for our renter. I scraped the paint off the window panes this morning. I can't wait to hang the blue door! It's kind of more fun that it is for the house across the street because we will get to see it more.

Saturday, March 2

we made a cold month even colder

February 5
Adah, wearing her old man pajamas and sipping on a cold one. We are clearly the best influences.

February 6
Bathroom Stall at The Byrd
I'm seeing this crooked hook because we went and saw Argo.

February 7
Preparation for demo begins. Here is our new makeshift kitchen! Cozy but convenient.

February 8
This is a day that changed my life. I no longer have to go outside at 3:20 in the morning to start warming up my car. I can do it from the comfort of inside!

February 9
Demo begins! We are adequately dressed with our bandit bandanas, giant safety glasses, and hammers.

February 10
Lounge kitty loves the room with the fire in it. And then I love to hug her because she is so warm.

February 11
Valentine's day is just around the corner and people in love love chocolate covered strawberries. I've become a professional dipper.

February 12
Schemmel House
Auntie may love Adah, but Adah is not loving those peas right now.

February 13
U of R Culinary School
Just serving some Valentine's dinner and dessert to some folks. I did not make any of this but I did get to eat some of it. I'm not complaining.

February 14
Coleman-Kelly House
Washington D.C.
We had a great (though short) visit with my cousins before heading north. This is the view from their back porch.

February 15
Highline Park
We made it to the city and took a stroll through the park. This place gets neater and neater every time I go!

February 16
Atlantic Ave.
Antiquing like old folks. That's why we had to sit down and rest for a bit.

February 17
Central Park Zoo
It's only right to feed the alpacas. I love funny animals!

February 18
Staten Island Ferry
We went to visit Loni and Lucia on the island. I don't care how cold it is, I love the ferry and I will stand outside.

February 19
St. John the Divine Cathedral
Sight-seeing to the very end. We packed in the church and the Met before our bus at 2 pm. Champions of New York, that's what we are.

February 20
Back to our country life. Okay, it's not really country but we load wood into the fire to keep warm.

February 21
We managed to satisfy pretty much all of our food cravings in New York (pancakes, pizza, bagels, french fries, falafel), except one. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about Amy's red velvet until I had some so I just had to make it.

February 22
Backyard (as seen from the window)
We've got a crazy lot of birds in the backyard! Sorry it's screen-y. I didn't want them to fly away just yet.

February 23
This is what a 21st birthday party looks like these days. Talk about feeling old. The floor was shaking and I planned a safety escape route through the window just in case.

February 24
Drawing some kitchen designs. This is now our life until it is done.

February 25
Bryan Park
My new initiative to exercise occasionally brought me here. Kind of looks like a Blair Witch Project horror scene.

February 26
Cyborg Room
We changed our plan so we have to move the makeshift kitchen back to the real kitchen. I've decided it's probably best not to rely on any decisions until work that has been done cannot be changed.

February 27
Flip flops in February. This caucasian is crazy. 

February 28
Burger Bach
Mom's in town and my health screening is done. Let's eat burgers!
(Also, I officially became a homeowner today.)

The cold New York in February file is here.
The demolition in progress file is here.