Thursday, July 21

From Richmond to Little Rock and back again

June 30
Acacia Restaurant
A bad picture for a wonderful dinner. Our friend, Blair, prepared our food extra special and delicious.

July 1
Rose Garden
It really is just a picturesque place.

July 2
Gelati Celesti bench
Running errands are best when followed up with gelato.

July 3
Lake Anna
With Anna and Steven, a pre-Fourth of July celebration.

July 4
Gas station across the street from Loretta Lynn's Kitchen, Tennessee

mysterious disappearance from the camera. We had a Fourth of July picnic in the back of the truck while en route to Little Rock.

July 5
River Trail, North Little Rock
Bike ride with Dad and Andy in the southern summer heat.

July 6
Chinese Peace Garden (okay, so I can't really remember what it was called)
The intricate gate that marks the entrance. Only the doors don't open so you just have to walk around it.

July 7
Greers Ferry
Nothing like a sunset swim after dinner.

July 8
Dining Room
One piece of the t-shirt factory that was my parent's house that night.

July 9
Allsopp Park
That's what the shirts were for. Family Reunion Picnic Extravaganza. Thank you Grandma and (late) Grandpa for having so many 9s.

July 10
The Hilton Ballroom
Family Reunion Dinner Extravaganza complete with talent show. And cork trick, taught by my dad, learned by Vanessa, Andy, and Leland.

July 11
Missy's couch.
Let me introduce you to one of the newest Rollie Pollies, MAPpy, as I so fondly call Margaret Alice Parrish.

July 12
Minister's Treehouse, Crossville, TN
This goes done as a must-see Roadside Attraction! The biggest treehouse ever with a giant chair swing to boot!

July 13
Overlook off I-81 (or 64E. Man my memory is poor.)
Stopped for a driver switch and a cooler snack grab.

July 14 - 20
This is the daily progression of an assignment I just completed (times two because the strip is so small). Yeah, I didn't leave room for much else other than working for seven days straight.

These were my breaks though. Grocery store for items to make the work more bearable, Sister's to water her plants and steal her vegetables, Lewis Ginter to buy a ticket to EmmyLou Harris with a walk by the turtle pond on the way home.

So that was just about a month. Barely a moment to stop, really. Let me say a few things in conclusion. When I spend a chunk of time in Little Rock, I can't help but feel like one of the luckiest girls alive. My family is giant and their love is just as big. I love getting to spend time with my cousins, aunts, and uncles and I wish it could happen more often. But we make up for the scarcity of those moments when we do get together.

Here's more photos of Little Rock, the lake, the reunion, and the treehouse. If you'd like.