Friday, July 20

Epic Post : January - March

January 1
Edwin's first haircut was super traumatizing for everyone. He went from baby to boy in no time.


January 2
Schemmel House
I don't even recognize this kid!

January 3
Leena's Room
When she refuses to nap and eventually crashes on the floor and we sneak a photo through the window.

January 4
Front Yard
First big snow of the year and luckily we got giant furry animal hats from Uncle Robert to keep us feeling warm and looking cool.

Ducky joined in, too. I love the way Leena is looking up at her.

January 5
My first dentist visit in years. Edwin showed up in his pj's still and put a block bag on his head.

January 6
First off, I'm so delayed in doing this that I can hardly remember what it feels like to burn firewood because it is 100 degrees today. Second, they are such good helpers.

January 7
Getting ready for a winter swim.

January 8
Friday night movie night. All clean, snuggled up, and drinking milks.

January 9
Warm enough to go find some puddles to jump in!

January 10
Leena's Room
When quiet time is a little too quiet...

January 11
Warner's House
Climbing in, jumping out.

January 12
Nail Place
A little girly date with Leena for her first professional nail coloring, thanks to the neighbors. We loved it.

January 13
Otter Cove
Andy took the kids to the river for the day to check on the house progress and maybe to give me a little bit of a break also.

January 14
Cyborg Room
Vest dresses, the latest in fashion.

January 15
Living Room
Greetings to Ducky and Bitner.

January 16
Buttermilk Bakeshop
Peeling all the bananas.

January 17
Belmont Golf Course
Previous snow day involved lots of socks, rain boots, and the neighbors sled. This snow day involved half as many socks, one pair of snow boots, one pair of rain boots, and our own sled. We'll get there eventually.

January 18
Leena's Room
I walked in on this quiet time. Leena wearing the Bono glasses and talking to her horse.

January 19
We cooked a nice meal and used about every surface and cooking vessel possible.

January 20
These two being Cutie McCutes.

January 21
More vest dressing, but this time in their own sizes. 

January 22
Front Porch
Reading the latest Star Wars find from the library.

January 23
Friday Night Movie night again. (I'm only assuming these are Fridays and not just ordinary movie nights.)

January 24
Edwin's Room
That bootie in the air and those crossed feet get me every time.

January 25
Quilting Adventures
First night of the Beginning Quilting Class! I'm so excited to properly make a quilt.

January 26
Living Room
Just spinning tops.

January 27
ARC Park


January 28
Game time with Gramps, Elmo, and Uncle Shiloh.

January 29
Living Room
I'm sitting on a couch. They are sitting on a couch. 

January 30
The beginnings of Edwin's quilt!

January 31
Living Room
When Andy is in charge of getting Leena ready for dance class she ends up with her leotard on backward. (This is the second time it's happened. It's also way funnier.)

February 1
Quilting Adventures
Carver, my classmate, concentrating on sewing a straight line. Because that was the minimum requirement and we just barely qualified.

February 2
Checking out the herd.

February 3
Edwin's Room
Parenting Fail. Guess what that bulge is in his diaper? I'm not about to interrupt his nap though.

February 4
Garage Mahal
Stained the stairs to the Duck Blind, which makes the apartment basically done. If you don't count the bathroom door that still needs to be installed.

February 5
Sometimes bundling up and getting out of the house is the only option. Edwin looks like he certainly needed to release some energy.

February 6
Coloring wooden animals.

February 7
New chairs for our dining table. Easy to clean and they won't fall apart from the wood stove. Two thumbs up.

February 8
Front Porch
Dad's more excited about this one than Leena.

February 9
Only when Andy's working do the biggest injuries occur. Giant goose egg appeared within seconds of Edwin hitting his head on the doorjamb on my watch.

February 10
Living Room
Channeling his inner rainbow wolf/cat/animal.

February 11
Front Yard
Lots of rain and warmer weather leads to...

Puddle jumping!

February 12
Early Valentine's prep.

February 13
Cyborg Room
Early Valentine's celebration. Socks and balloons. Nothing better.

February 14
Living Room
Actual Valentine's Day. Someone is at work which means someone is eating peanut butter out of the jar on the couch. 

February 15
Front Yard
Sun's out, guns out!

February 16
Libbie Mill
Swinging on the swing.

February 17
Drowning in the foam pit.

February 18
Cronk House
Leena's party face.

February 19
Wiley-Houston House
Meeting Addie. And then talking about her every day since.

February 20
Front Yard
Edwin would not throw away Addie's poo bag.

February 21
Wiley-Houston House
Andy also loves Addie and doesn't stop talking about her.

February 22
Just an ordinary afternoon in Leena World.

February 23
When he insists on pulling up his pants by himself.

February 24
Station 7
Just visiting Dad.

February 25
Front Yard
Chalk Art.

February 26
I don't know
I don't know. Okay, just asked Andy. A tree has totally grown over a manhole downtown.

February 27
Leena's Room
Got a couple of old Barbies out for the kids. A little relieved they didn't immediately become obsessed.

February 28
Living Room
Simultaneous time out.

March 1
Just admiring that tres leches. And that hunk.

March 2
Henrico County
Andy's last shift at 7 fighting fire with buddies all day long.

March 3
Station 7
And the next morning after running calls all night. He hasn't had time to comb his sideburns yet.

March 4
Schemmel House
Late celebration of Mister P's birthday!

March 5
Enjoying some cake!

March 6
Leena's Room
Bedtime stories.

March 7
Living Room
Nearly done close up.

March 8
Living Room
Putting the binding on.

March 9
Living Room
Early Easter candy find: blue robin's egg.

March 10
Maybe it was a sick visit? Maybe it was a well visit?

March 11
Bed head head shot.

March 12
Front Yard
 That March snow storm.

March 13
Unsure about what's coming next.

March 14
Quilting Adventures
I got a job at the quilting store! So now I get to help people pick out fabric for projects, among other things!

March 15
When the shower's over and you don't want to get out.

March 16
Terrace Ave.
Porch peepers.

March 17
Living Room
Tiny leprechaun hats for St. Patrick's Day.

March 18
Quilting Adventures
I made some Irish Soda Bread for work and it wasn't done when I had to leave so Andy and the kids brought it buy. They are wearing backpacks and holding hands.

March 19
Leena's Room
Another quiet time. I guess I can't complain when she's too quiet because she's been reading. I think it just means we really need to practice re-shelving books.

March 20
Niche Studio
Leena getting a "Moana" haircut.

March 21
Bryan Park
That time it snowed again in March so we went sledding and picked up pizza on the way home.

March 22

Fail day.

March 23
In the belly of the turtle.

March 24
The newest biker gang in Lakeside.

March 25
Church Hill
Listening to some live music at the St. Patrick's Day festival.

March 26
Funeral Home
Celebrating a good friend's grandmother. Kids had to do a little running around though.

March 27
Leena's really in to changing her clothes a million times and this is how she ended quiet time. Both legs in one hole of the tutu.

March 28
Whytheville, VA
We left after school for Arkansas. This park has become one of our regular stops when we road trip down 81.

March 29
Nearly there, but we had to stop one more time at the Memphis welcome center.

March 30
Oaklawn Race Track
Hot Springs, AR
Great day for the horse races with Mimi and Joseph!

March 31
Jim's House Hot Springs
Easter hunt number one. Trying to get these two to cooperate for pictures is pretty impossible.

Same day, second verse. I had to take Andy to the alligator farm at least once.

Same day, third verse. Indigo Girls with Mimi in Little Rock. They never disappoint.