Thursday, April 26

epic post: part one

October 1
State Fair
Duh. I can't lie, I love that the fair is always around my birthday. Andy sucks it up and comes with me because he knows how much I enjoy it.

Now you'll notice several days missing. Something went wack with our phones because I am certain I did not slack this much. I also have specific photos that I remember taking that are no longer. So I'm kind of disappointed, but I guess that teaches me not to wait five months to catch up. Harumph.

October 4
Just some good ol' fashioned tickling going on.

October 5
Liberty Mills Farm
We took on the largest corn maze in Virginia (I think it might actually be East Coast, la di da). With a stroller, a kid back pack, not enough water and two unhappy toddlers. To say there were some moments that tested our marriage is true. It was worse than IKEA. We survived. And we made it through one of the easier ones. And we'll probably go back next year.

October 6
Living Room
After bed Halloween crafting: Edwin's Maui skirt. Pretty pleased with this one.

October 7
Maker Fest RVA
There were a lot more cool things to see than just Edwin eating a banana, but again, mystery photo disappearance. They were playing with a robot and they kept feeding it animal crackers.

October 8
I can't remember what or why we were baking, but that's probably because my little sous chef was so cute. Not because this was five months ago.

October 10
Living Room
He doesn't even fit in those pajamas anymore. And he doesn't use those snack cups either. Time flies!

October 11
An evening stroll in monster boots and no pants.

October 12
Frisco, NC
Our delayed anniversary trip to OBX with the family. We went to the ocean as soon as we got there and Leena had no problem getting tossed around in the surf. I, however, watched her and Edwin like hawks even though we had a 2:1 adult to kid ratio.

October 13
The Point
Trying to get Edwin to nap. It's obviously working. (Last photo of those sunglasses. But I know where they went. Into the ocean because I'm a bozo.) Side story:It's all coming full circle and it also shows how long it takes me to do certain things. I am finally going to the eye doctor tomorrow (March 20) to get a new pair. I have been sunglass-less all this time.

October 14
The Point
At low tide you can walk waaaay out and do some major shell searching. And sometimes find even more interesting things!

October 15
The Point
Clearly this was our hang out of choice. The sun finally came out for our last day! Woot. There were tons of tide pools that were great for the kiddos to practice boogie boarding and flopping around. Leena did take on the real ocean for a ride, but once was enough. For now.

October 16
Back Porch
Who needs toys? Also, this reminds me of a sculpture on the board walk in Puerto Vallarta. It makes me smile because I went there with my mom and Aunt Kathleen.

October 17
Short Pump
One of those days where you are going to lose it because no one will take a nap so you decide to go shoe shopping for/with the kids. They both fall asleep on the way so you put your seat back, close your eyes, and sleep for an hour in a parking lot.

October 18
Cyborg Room
They are being cute.

October 19
Back when Edwin still napped on the go. He was really resisting this day and kept peeking at me through the back of the stroller.

October 21
National Harbor
Annual trip to the Gaylord to hang with Grandpa Bud and friends. (Andy was supposed to be at work, but he got injured the shift before.)

October 22
National Mall
Hanging with Shayla and G and Bud on the Mall and at Air and Space for the morning. Leena was so excited to see the Washington Monument in real life. She talks about it all the time.

Fredericksburg, VA
I thought a two-fer would be okay. We drove down to dine with Sister and fam right down the street from my and Andy's alma mater. Then dad trained back north and we continued our drive home. Getting a photo with four littles is just comical. Especially the tiny stuffed animal flying toward the camera.

October 23
Triangle Park
I was trying to capture a moment that already happened and, of course, it didn't work. Edwin had gone down the slide for the first time and it was faster than anyone expected. He flew right off the end and it was like he was suspended in a seated position for a full second before he plopped to the ground. It was hilarious. And he was fine. It didn't happen again.

October 24
Cyborg Room
Let's wrestle.

October 25
Front Yard
Carving pumpkins the efficient way. From here on out, all of my pumpkins are just going to be polka dotted with perfect drill cut circles all over them.

October 26
I think Leena went to an appointment with Andy because she wanted to get a sucker.

October 28
Crump Park
Celebrating our friends birthday by swinging solo. You do you.

October 29
Andy's head piece ready for Halloween. He's not as excited as I'd like him to be.

October 30
Andy's back piece ready for Halloween. Still not very excited. Especially when he saw all the glitter. Ha.

October 31
Front Yard
But he will do anything for his little Moana and Maui, like build them a boat. I love Halloween! And celebrating with friends!

November 1
Truck Bed
The morning after Halloween can be tough. So tough you can't even put pants on.

November 2
Prospect Heights
Andy and I getting away for a late anniversary trip. We drove up and headed straight to a bar (naturally) where we witnessed a super awkward/super cute proposal.

November 3
Prospect Heights
My to-do list when I visit New York is mostly about food. Egg and cheese on a toasted everything bagel: check. After that we did other touristy things like walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

November 4
Liberty Island
Beautiful weather for a boat ride and some history. Lady Liberty got cropped out of the photo but I swear she's there.

November 5
Otter Cove
Meanwhile, the kids spent the weekend with Bintner and Ducky learning the Whip and Nae Nae, driving golf carts, and swinging.

November 7
First time Edwin napped in his crib. Like ever. (Thanks to a weekend away from his parents.) He'll figure out that it's much more comfortable to actually lay down.

November 9
Living Room
Kiki's in town and helping me get the piƱata filled for Leena's 3rd birthday party! Can you guess the theme? (Hint: It was also the theme of Halloween.)

November 11
Brook Road
Cheering on the marathoners. It took me all of three minutes of being there to shed my first tear. Something about long-distance running gets me every dang time.

November 12
The big day! Forgive the poor representation in photos. The mystery of the disappeared photos... Anyway, Leena had a blast being surrounded by Moana-themed activities and decorations and friends.

November 13
We collected donations (instead of gifts) for a family in St. Bart who lost everything in the hurricane this fall. Here is the vitamin portion.

November 15
Bill's Kiln
Andy went to pick up the cherry tree from our wedding property that has been drying for a couple years.

November 17
Leena's Room
Sneaking a peak through her window during quiet time. Just riding a reindeer on a step stool and reading books.

November 19
Meeting the alpacas across the street from the Whitten's. Leena is much more in to feeding/getting close to animals than Edwin. Right here it looks like they are having a serious talk.

Edwin has no problem playing in the leaves though!

November 20
Probably trying to hide. Because everyone knows when you close your eyes you become invisible.

November 21
Otter Cove
Instant taking to Uncle Sam and Aunt Meg even though they rarely see them. Sweetness.

November 22
Otter Cove
Trying to get some good portraits for the annual Kiki Christmas present. We had no shortage of cute (and appropriate) ones of Edwin.

Leena was a different story.

November 23
Otter Cove
Checking out Bob's handiwork on the window trim.

November 25
Christmas Tree Farm
Nelson County
The problem with waiting six months to blog is that I can't remember the names of places. But we started a new tradition: going on a tree trip with the Bott's and cutting our own. Nothing like a day trip to the mountains with a brewery dinner to follow it up!

This was the attempt at the timed group photo. The good one was part of the Mystery of the Disappearing Photos. (It now has a proper title.)

Leena helped cut and push our tree over. She couldn't be more proud.

November 27
First trip (of several) to Gardenfest of Lights. Really fun to see Edwin old enough to be awed by it.

November 28
Cyborg Room
Leena attempting to do her own hair. Nailed it.

November 29
Front Porch
Second trip to the lights. This time with Dad. (Dad being Andy.) One made it. One didn't.

November 30
Belmont Golf Course
Picking up Leena from her first day of Santa's Helpers day camp. We didn't know how it would go dropping her at a new place with all new people for four hours. I mean, we knew it would be great for us. Turned out to be great for her too!

December 1
Station 7
Early mornings at the fire house.

December 2
Broad Street
Christmas Parade viewing! This could be an indication that we will never get a normal family photo. Ever.

December 3
Living Room
Finally decorated the tree and got things festive up in here.

December 4
Cyborg Room
I spy a little Edwin. Two seconds later Leena ran right by looking for him.

December 5
I do love that it's a good time for seasonal crafting. We made and painted ornaments for present toppers!

December 6
Living Room
The daily rehanging of ornaments. I can't get mad because it kept him busy. And every time he got one on a branch, he clapped for himself.

December 7
Snacking on someone's stoop in animal hats.

December 8
Living Room
Getting ready to go see Santa but also super excited about the crown she made. And being a ham.

December 9
Otter Cove
Andy spying on Bob while he works.

December 10
Edwin tries to eat every piece of snow he sees. Why? Why do kids see that and want to put it in their mouth?!

December 11
Edwin's Room
Now that he sleeps in his crib for naps I like to stare at him and take his picture.

December 12
Buttermilk Bake Shop
Back at the working game a little bit. Molly decorated a donut in my liking.

December 13
Hot cocoa, kitty cat tutu, older girlfriends. She is so cool.

December 14
The Circuit
Adult night out to celebrate Andy's birthday so we went to play video games. Good thing I'm lame and got tired otherwise I would have spent my life savings playing Tetris.

December 15
Horrible picture and Andy got on to me for taking it, but you can hardly even tell there are people in it. But there are. And they were the cutest old couple taking a walk together on the indoor track and holding hands. Life goal.

December 16
Leena's Room
Another attempt at a portrait. We are making no progress and we are running out of time. Eek.

And Edwin really looks like he needs a haircut in this one.

December 17
Advent calendar chocolate St. Nick before breakfast. Winning the day!

December 18
Bryan Park/Arc Park
We did it!!!! Photos suitable to frame for Kiki's Christmas gift! (This was also after we decided to do a swing theme.)

December 20
So about that haircut...

December 21
Pulling a wagon full of lazies while we deliver Christmas cookies to the neighbors.

December 22
Leena's first teacup ride. Maybe Adah's too? And the first one for me in a looooooong time. So fun and worth it just to hear these girls squealing in delight.

December 23
Historic Jamestown
Sailing the old ships. Really I wanted all four kids to stand by each other for a photo. Adah was the only one listening and she even put on a pirate face.

December 24
Living Room
This about sums up Christmas Eve. Family dinner. Presents. Furry animal hats and fire pokers.

December 25
Living Room
Christmas morning. Man was it fun to watch these guys this year. Primo excitement (even though they do still just want "what's next").

Schemmel House
Celebrating at the Schemmel's. Some of us harder than others.

December 26
Front Yard
Playing with the balloon zingers outside even though it was freezing. (I don't know what they are called. I just named them that.)

December 27
Neighbor game night!

December 28
Dave and Buster's
Round two of family Christmas festivities begins. Gaming with Grandpa Bud!

December 29
Schemmel House
A more kid-friendly kind of gaming.

December 30
Last trip to see the lights with Grandpa Bud. Multiple layers and snow suits this time because it was dang cold.

December 31
Leena's Room
The kids portion of the New Year's Eve get together. Costumes and instruments. The adult portion was wine, beer, and good food.