Thursday, June 22

you decide what to call him

April 1
Celebrated Edwin Jonah's (you decide what to call him) first birthday this morning with a breakfast party! Here's our best (not good) family photo.

Birthday boy simply cannot wait another minute for his cake.

Can't say that I blame him. He had the coolest April Fools everything bagel cake known to man.

Sister (and everyone else) enjoyed donuts from the donut tower.

And this completes Edwin's first birthday photo report.

April 2
Crump Park
Checking out some animals, eating snacks on a hill. Life as a one year old is looking bright.

April 3
Kids' Room
I don't even know what's happening here, but I think Leena wanted to wear her hat to bed. Because, God forbid, she actually ever wants to wear it outside on sunny days.

April 4
Doing some LuLaRoe organization and I've got these two helping me.

April 5
Living Room
Two naked babies after bath time. How long until one of them pees on the floor do you think?

April 6
Living Room
Leena using Edwin's door jumper as a stethoscope. I mean, she's got the right idea, but there is a real concern she might squeeze brains out because that thing is pretty strong.

April 7
Ready for my open house! Super excited to kick this business off and see what it's all about to get people in clothes they love. And there are a lot of clothes for me to find owners for. Yipes.

April 8
Living Room
Post-bath selfie. I really enjoy the routines we have and the little moments it gives us to just chill with each other. (The selfie isn't the routine. It's the milk on the couch time.)

April 9
Front Yard
This girl and her hippo. She brings him everywhere. Not exactly everywhere, but a lot of places.

April 10
Lewis Ginter
The pinwheels are up for child abuse awareness. These kids are just flopping around like goofballs.

April 11
We've got some leaky pipes so this sink is about to get replaced.

April 12
Short Pump
Getting in to the Easter spirit by going to visit some baby animals.

April 13
Three Lakes Park
This guy. Getting big and cruising around the playground with some awesome expressions.

April 14
Bott House
Annual egg hunt with the Bott's. Love how these two are swapping egg stories.

Apri l5
Front Yard
Twinning. And winning.

April 16
Otter Cove
Obligatory family Easter photo. Andy is finally starting to appreciate having family photos, which means he doesn't make it such a chore to get him to agree/cooperate. Great day at the river being with family and nature. Roll away the stone, boys.

April 17
I mean, better late than never. We were a little busy on the first and he's still 12 months old so it counts.

April 18
ARC Park
I'm sure I got a picture of her just looking through the hole also, but I much preferred this one of her face planting on her way through.

April 19
Living Room
Daddy's girl. One hundred percent.

April 20
Shady Grove
Killing time on the playground while brother naps in the stroller. Then it's off to swimming. Which turned into a much more eventful morning than I had bargained for.

April 21
Just sticking his head up in the rafters. JK. I think he's doing some electrical work before the ceiling is stuffed with insulation.

April 22
Wikler House
Washington DC
Leena helping Suzy Lynn wake up from nap. Sweet girls. I wish they got to spend more time together.

April 23
K Street Park (not it's real name)
Cousin-cousins riding the fire engine. So great to have family nearby to crash with and spend some qt with.

April 24
Carytown Sushi
Annual tax return night out. Not as boozy as when we didn't have kids, but know we get this view across the table.

April 25
No more not strapping this guy down in his highchair. He's ready to jump ship!

April 26
Front Porch
First watermelon of the season and it's a messy hit! Shirtless sticky bellies all around. These three could eat an entire melon if given the chance.

April 27
Lewis Ginter
They rarely look at me and "smile" at the same time when I ask them to so I'm pretty pleased with this one.

April 28
Now that's an insulated building if I ever saw one.

April 29
Practicing selfies with my new bluetooth remote. It really only worked this once. Harrumph. And trying on a cute LuLaRoe outfit. Hurrah!

April 30
Andy's gig for the day. Bike team at the NASCAR race.

Sunday, May 7

little jazzercise master

March 1
Libby Mill
Love that they love books and that the library has these window cubby holes to keep them contained.

March 2
Preview to fifteen years from now when Brooks and Edwin are cruising the hood in their red truck, with a "PLAY" vanity tag.

March 3
When naps will only happen in the car seat or in the bed with mom. Wishing so badly he would nap in his own bed when it's happening, but miss it so bad when the phase has passed.

March 4
ARC Park
Not so sure about the whole slide thing just yet.

March 5
Holy cannoli, how has 11 months passed already (four days ago)? And don't mind Andy's webbed toes sneaking into the frame. These pictures are only successful when he's around to help run Leena interference and make Edwin smile.

March 6
Best Craigslist purchase I've ever made: these kids. JK. The stroller.

March 7
Front Yard
Bare bottomed in a wire chair when it's a little bit chilly. Whatever floats your boat, LB.

March 8
Cyborg Room
I'm anticipating a call from LuLaRoe to become a consultant so we did some major rearranging. We also though that Edwin should start sleeping in his crib instead of a pack n' play before his first birthday. Not pictured: the box spring we had to saw in half and screw back together once we got it upstairs. (We know you can buy ones that fold in half for not that much...)

March 9
Schemmel House
Cousin Boys and Cousin Girls doing cousin things. Kiki's in town so it means lots of cousin time.

March 10
I-95 N
Sitting in traffic for a day trip to IKEA with three adults and three kids. Seems manageable.

East End
Meanwhile, Andy got to work with robots.

March 11
The Daily
I can't remember the last time I experienced a brunch out. Probably when I was hungover and single and lived in New York. Okay, not that long, but still.

March 12
I don't remember the details of the day, but I do remember this moment being the saving grace of the day. It's all worth it when they share a smile and a giggle.

March 13
We kept seeing bees in the sunroom (no less than fifteen by the time it was said and done) and for a minute couldn't figure out why. Then we realized they had burrowed into the wood we had brought in to burn and we thought they were gone. Then there were more when Andy was at work. I, of course, had visions of nighttime swarms and immediately called my neighbor to come help me throw the wood out. Thanks, Ben! 
Photo cred: Andy. Look closely, you can see the bee butt sticking out of one of the holes.

March 14
Attic, now Master Bedroom/LuLa Room
Part of the great switch was going through clothes. It's safe to say there are some things worth getting rid of.

March 15
1. Sorry Kiki wasn't featured more. She left town this morning. Just in time, too. 2. The first of many oatmeal baths because these two picked up a nice case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth somewhere along the way.

March 16.
Living Room
Sorry for the graphic. This was our day. Couch sitting and sleeping and trying to keep this guy happy.

May 17
Living Room
Oh, here we are again doing the same thing. What a way to spend a five-day.

March 18
Finally feeling better and definitely needing some fresh air.

March 19
Living Room
Not completely over the couch phase though. Love a passed out baby, am I right?!

March 20
Living Room
Spring brings birdies! And these guys stayed entertained for way longer than I expected just watching them out the window.

March 21
Photographing things we are trying to sell. Anyone want to buy this hookah?

March 22
Getting back at it! To be honest, he really stayed pretty pleasant throughout this whole ordeal. 

March 23
Living Room
A visit from Ducky is the best.

March 24
Sunglasses, poncho, and sparkly shoes. I can't wait to meet this teenager.

March 25
Front Yard
She's finally not completely afraid of her balance bike! I think she just likes to wear the helmet though.

That's definitely Edwin's favorite part.

March 26
Cousins at the garden building towers.

March 27
Living Room
My little Jazzercise master.

March 28
LuLaRoe crafting! All the pretty colors to make a sign I haven't even used yet. Ha. I did get the call to be a consultant one of these days and now I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting for a giant shipment of clothes to get to my house!

March 29
Front Porch
The first batch! This isn't even half of it. At this point, I'm thinking, "Holy cow! I hope I'm ready for this."

March 30
Edwin's Room
Story time with Molly and Alice.

March 31
We really frequented the museum this month...

He decided that since tomorrow is his birthday, he better up his skills game and decided to sneak up the stairs.