Monday, April 25


April 19
Z's Vet
We went for round two of "Get Kitty Ready for the Outdoors" drugs, only we were two weeks early and will have to try again later. Poor Z is going to hate me every time she sees her carrying case.

April 20
Living Room
Name that progress: Blinds!

April 21
Blueberry pie for April. I forgot Steven's birthday and made him a mini one to try to make up for it. I think it worked.

April 22
Dining Room
Blueberry pie soup. Quite delicious really.

April 23
Grove Ave.
Sometimes I go on exploratory drives, or at least take streets I don't always use. Especially on a day where rolling down the windows is necessary so driving on the interstate just won't do.
*Happy Wedding Day Britton and Drew!*

April 24
the Dock
Easter at the River. I, like a first-class nimrod, sprained my ankle less than a minute after arrival. So instead of helping with the garden irrigation, I lounged in the sun and offered my opinion when asked.

Tuesday, April 19

the format wins again

I'm not sure if the format has actually beat me like this before, but technology has. I will be missing some days in here because of technology. Just like I lost some hours with family because of it on Saturday. I admit my own contribution to both loses, but I'm too proud (and claim ignorance) to take full responsibility.

April 11
Dining Room*
Close up of sunflower. A last look at Mom's trademark move: fresh flowers for the dwelling.


April 12
Broad St.
So many buses in a line I thought I had accidentally ended up in a bus parade.

April 13
PF Chang's
You might think I went to some neat museum or exotic country, but no. I was just at a chain restaurant with giant horse statues. Those have always kind of weirded me out.

April 14
Back Porch
A lot of things make a great potluck. Two of them are wine and s'mores from the grill.


April 15
Lewis Ginter
These aren't the roses, but I think they will be budding next week!

April 16
Kenyon St.
If I just walked by this house on a street of houses, I might not notice the elephants on the roof. But it's not just any house and it's funny that I think of these elephants when I think of my uncle.

April 17
K Street
My *sister* preparing dinner in the front yard.

April 18
Dining Room
S'mores again! Yes, they are so good they required two documentations. The special thing about these is that we didn't have marshmallows and then we did.


*I decided to go more specific with my locations because it breaks up the monotony of tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya. Of course, now I have dining room, dining room, dining room, dining room. Just wait until I throw a bathroom in there.

I haven't linked to the extras in a while, but I saw some other neat things. Like a mural that looks suspiciously similar to my favorite Coney Island wall. And a man driving down the Interstate in a sidecar-looking thing. Fast. And the changes of my university. Here you go then.

Monday, April 11

april come she will

April 3
Tanya Ave.
Sundays are for cooking. Sweet potato biscuits, deviled eggs, greens, and lentil loaf.

April 4
Tanya Ave.
Move-in treats from Oma!

April 5
Patterson Ave.
The days (and the shadows) are getting longer.

April 6
U of R Culinary Arts School
Washing dishes is a small price to pay for this.

April 7
Tanya Ave.
Family dinner time.

April 8
Tanya Ave.
I uncovered these when I was preparing for the yard sale. I immediately thought about taking up golf, but then realized they weren't my size.

April 9
Tanya Ave.
A worth-my-time yard sale. But nobody bought any clothes and Andy reminded me of that time I brought an overflowing cartful of clothes to Beacon's in the rain and all they took was one lousy shirt.

April 10*
Canal Walk
I'm sorry to say it took months for me to finally do a little Richmond exploring.

I like to note where pictures were taken so I can remind myself when I've either been spending too much time in one place or haven't been opening my eyes enough in others.

*This is also the day that Sister and I discovered our mutual love of certain country jams and had simultaneous desires to create Pandora stations so as to hear said songs more often. I could not take a picture of that.
But I can sure sing it in my head, or accidentally out loud.

Sunday, April 3

you ask why and there's never an answer

March 24
North 32
Mom staring patiently at the cream puff while I admire my new blue fingernails.

March 25
I considered changing my plates to LYDIACHRISTINE.

March 26
Deluca Gelato
Our mini cups came with mini cones.*

March 27
Just barely made the pie of the month in time. Orange cranberry chess was the flavor.

March 28
Scuba Center parking lot
Peanut Butter and Jelly are the mini horses' names.*

March 29
The crane procession.

March 30
West Grace
Saying good-bye to my first solo apartment.

March 31
I didn't think anything could make me smile at the end of that day, but the swimsuit package on the front porch did. Surprise pattern: unicorns and stars! The kids are going to love it. And so am I.

April 1
Lewis Ginter
The rose bushes are getting mighty bushy.

April 2
West Augusta, VA
Elwood Dale Harman, cheers to you and what was clearly your incredible life.

*Jeta, if I hadn't eaten it, I would've mailed it to you.
*Jeta, I did not eat the mini horses, but I could not have mailed one to you anyway.