Tuesday, January 17

the week things were normal

January 7
Sam and Meg's
The 70 degree January day was nothing I was going to complain about. I'll take drinking outside any day.

January 8
Shell station
Sister and I purchased 31 lotto tickets to go in our thank-you cards for everyone who participated in making Mom's Christmas present possible. I really hope at least one person got a winner.

January 9
Kitchen table
I tested out the whoopie pie pan that Sister got me for Christmas. It made them giant and not exactly the right shape, but they tasted good! In the future I will use the pan as the "Reasonable-sized Cupcake Pan".

January 10
Carver's Living Room
Baxter, begging to be played with.

January 11
The beginning of my biggest knitting project yet: a sweater for Andy. Two rows down, 10,000 (or something like that) to go!

January 12
WF Parking Lot
I can't resist a good moon. Especially after being indoors for the majority of the day.

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