Thursday, February 2

it's never a bad thing to give yourself a pat on the back

January 27
Stuart Ave.
I like to pick neighborhoods (not my own) to take exercise in. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for coming across this one. The walls of the house were decorated with safari animals. I seriously though I found a secret zoo.

January 28
Whole Foods
Waiting for Andy to pick me up, I scoped out the aisles and made a plan for when (if ever) my name gets chosen for Super Market Sweep.

January 29
This makes me awesome I'm pretty sure.

January 30
Andy, his dad, and his dad's dad.

January 31
Monument Ave.
Sister and I took an afternoon walk and this was our turnaround. Need I mention these crazy 70 degree January days?!

February 1
One thing I love (maybe the most) about February is the conversation hearts.

February 2
Canal Street
I've always (and by always, I mean since I knew these existed) wanted to come across a yarn bomb. I didn't exactly "come across" this one because I saw it on a blog and knew it was on Canal Street, but didn't know exactly where. Anyhow, it is awesome. And I still want to "come across" one. This also marks the first day of last year that I started the one-a-days. I might pat myself on the back for this as well.

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