Saturday, February 26

enjoying the passage of time

February 22
7105 Tanya
Our old college friend Tim comes in for a visit before he moves to China.

February 23
McCormack's Whiskey Bar
Potluck wasn't quite ready to end.

February 24
7105 Tanya
I can't go through a day without dessert. Ice cream...with peanut butter...and nutella.

February 25
It turned into the bluest blue and windiest wind day.

February 26
3332 W. Grace
Literally the first thing I saw when I woke up: Z sitting like a statue directly in the middle of my dresser, unmoving in her gaze.

February 27
Benedictine Parking Lot, Museum District
I'm wearing all green today. And so is this bus*.

Some days I take more than one photo. Those other ones are here.

*My nickname in college was Bus.

Tuesday, February 15

Feeling Groovy

February 14
3332 West Grace
Looking good so far. On my way to an alright turquoise velvet cake.

February 15
Maidens, VA
I met the alpacas that live across the street from the goats!

February 16
7105 Tanya
So I got a couple flowers for Valentine's Day. I love sunflowers the best.

February 17
Maidens, VA
A full moon to feed the goats* by.

February 18
3332 West Grace
I tore the seran wrap off my window so I could open it for the warm day. Z jumped right up.

February 19
Maidens, VA
There are cats to be fed also.

February 20
7105 Tanya
Painting trim in the attic for the attic.

February 21
3332 West Grace
I got desperate, thought about my favorite thing in my apartment, and turned to my shower curtain to bail me out.

*I feel the need to explain this before you all wonder why I'm spending so much time with an assortment of farm animals. We are currently goat/house sitting out in the country. Looking at the goats never gets old and it's hard not to talk back when they stick their tongues out to maaaa at me. So I usually do it back. The alpacas are about the funniest animals I have seen. They all have different bouffanty STLB hairstyles. I want one. An alpaca, not a bouffanty STLB hairstyle.

Tuesday, February 8

another week goes by

February 6
my neighborhood, Richmond
I confess I saw this when I was on the phone so I did not examine it close enough to figure out what it is.

February 7
The Scuba Center
My new office gets gift baskets too.

February 8
3332 West Grace
Clearly those are chocolate chips and clearly I love the color green.

February 9
River Road
Sometimes you have to take a detour and then wonder why you don't find the sunrise more often.

February 10
3332 West Grace
Lad, Andy, Zissou

February 11
8931 Patterson Ave.
It's 5:40 pm and the sun is still shining. The days are getting longer.

February 12
7105 Tanya Ave.
Afternoon snack break with dinner in the background.

February 13
3332 West Grace
February's Pie: Chocolate tofu with graham cracker crust topped with strawberries.

Things I learned this week:
I don't think the groundhog was lying when he said spring would be coming soon.
If I don't get fat from all this baking/eating treats, it will be a miracle!

Sunday, February 6

2008 revisited

I have decided to change directions on my internet posting space. This is brought on by a few things, but mainly catching up with the past.

I currently work at a dive shop where some days are slow to say the least. I occasionally use the time (okay more often than not) to work on various projects. I got sick of my normal knitting, crane making, and reading so I dug into the archives of "to-do lists" and came upon something I started in 2008. On January 1, I began my New Years Resolution to take at least one photograph every day. The other morning, I pulled those photographs out, already mounted on card stock and picked up where I left off, writing captions for my 2008 daily activities.

Nearly there

This was a year before I had taken any photography classes or had anything other than a little point-and-shoot digital contraption. So most of these photographs aren't really anything worth looking at. Except that I can remember specific things about the days that I never would have been able to remember without a visual clue.

It forced me to look more. And when I didn't look hard enough during the day and night was upon me, I panicked and looked harder around my room, my house, at myself, out my front door. It became an impetus to see how I spent every day. It didn't make me a more exciting person necessarily. If anything, I saw how lame I could be when there were eight days in a row where a picture was taken of food or my cat or my closet.

But I'm glad I stuck it out (save the three days in November where I apparently had some sort of lapse).

So I'm going at it again even though it's not January 1. But I figure there is no better time to reflect and see more than when I'm beginning a life in a new place, with big changes, and cool experiences.

And for me, the picture of the blackberries in the colander will have a full story behind it.

February 2
3332 W. Grace
Introducing Ms. Betty

February 4
7105 Tanya
Droid's glamour shots

February 5
The River
Making tables and other things