Tuesday, November 27

Just yesterday Andy asked, "When did we start up the wood stove?" October 29, as a matter of fact.

October 19
This is a great way to sum up an evening of potluck. Many clean dishes. (Thank you, Mary.)

October 20
Living Room
This was my first night of scheduled solo babysitting. It might have also been my last for a while. I kind of got scolded for the baby tramp stamp. Note that no babies were harmed and all residue was removed before daycare on Monday. I did hesitate while doing it, but then I thought to myself, Aunt Nancy would have done it, and that made me think it was okay.

October 21
After running errands with Molly, we decided we needed a snack. The last time I stepped foot in a Wendy's was probably high school. It smelled funny, but the french fries are still good! So was that giant fountain soda.

October 22
To counteract the greasy potato snack, I dehydrated apples for our upcoming drive to Ohio. (Wait for it.) Who am I kidding, I don't need to counteract that. I would love to eat french fries every day, especially while driving in the car.

October 23
The ladybugs want out of the cold! I kind of wish we had swarms of ladybugs trying to get into our house. Later that evening we saw hot air balloons and Bruce Springsteen. It was a good day.

October 24
A rare occurrence: Z in the bed pretending to be friendly.

October 25
Shawnee State Forest, Ohio
On our way to Matt and Claire's wedding in Cincinnati, we stopped for a camp. This is our tent picnic. We do it up right.

October 26
Shawnee State Forest
We accidentally took a drive while looking for a trail head. Luckily there were chickens in cages right by the road. In the end, we did find the trail head and it was at the very beginning of where we started our drive/search. 

October 27
The band at the reception. They were called The Freddies (I do believe) and were fun and blue-grassy and wrote an original song for the bride and groom. Oh, love celebrations.

October 28
Sgt. Pepper's Pizza
On our way back into town, we picked up pizza. Here's a map of Richmond that we looked at while waiting.

October 29
Yody returns for another season. Thank the hot heavens above. She is my favorite winter-time invention. 

October 30
A giant pot of veggie chili to kick the first chilly fall weathered days in the butt. I love fall. More and more I realize I do not love being cold.

October 31
Well, I didn't do anything for Halloween. Not a thing. For someone who loves dressing up and even has a costume trunk, I hold my head in shame. I do, however, have this adorable clown niece.