Sunday, January 23

on a sunday evening

when i miss new york, i look at my photos. and that makes it worse so i'm not sure why exactly i think that's an appropriate coping mechanism. it's the closest i can get, but it will never actually get me there.

i do it anyway. i see what i used to see when i'd take a walk down any street. some of my old favorite places, even if they were behind grocery stores and even if they are places i could never find again unless it was by accident. i see all the places i went on a saturday afternoon. or a tuesday night. because it didn't matter when. it was always happening.

don't read this the wrong way though. i think i'm just homesick because i spent the weekend with one of my best friends from high school and that makes me miss things a little bit. everything that is/has been a big part of my life.

so that's all. i'm just reminiscing.

Tuesday, January 18

a combination of factors really

With the recently passed holiday, the minimal income, and my moderate skills, I took my crafting to the gift-giving level. Not that I haven't done that before, but I've built up enough of a portfolio, if you will, to share. *Sidenote: I like to make things and there are a zillion people out there who are better at it than me. So it's for fun.*

I also consider this one step in the direction of my goal, which might be a presumptuous goal. I have not shared this with many people because I think the idea of people I know knowing makes me feel exposed.

Anyhow, I am going to offer my makings to the public via Etsy.

Yes, a lot of people do this and what makes me think I'll get any bites. Nothing really, but I want to see. And if anyone does, that will be exciting. I have a few more things before I do the big do, but with Christmas behind us and a neglected blog, I wanted to share.

Also, I love Christmas and the feeling of giving what you think might be a near-perfect gift for someone. I tend to go in the direction of what-will-get-a-laugh-but-might-also-be-useful route.

So Exhibit A:

Zelda's Vegetables

I showed my progress on these a little while ago. Here's the finished bunch. A squash, cucumber, carrot, eggplant, corn, and peas. The peas were hardest to get started because they were so tiny!

To prove it, here is a finished pea next to a flattened penny and
a tiny, plastic (I don't want you to think it's real) baby:

Exhibit B:

Blank notecards for Aunt Kathleen. I went mostly with flowers because we have shared some good times at botanical gardens so I often think of Aunt Kathleen when I see a nice patch of those stemmed beauties.

L. Chelsea flower market, M. Cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, R. The ol' magazine cutout trick

If you want a closer look, look here.

The funny part about giving this gift is that I topped it with a poker chip that was not just a poker chip. Because another thing that brings Aunt Kathleen to mind is casinos and at a gas station outside of Las Vegas, I saw it and couldn't resist.

So the story goes, Aunt Kathleen got a huge kick out of the poker chip. Then she noticed that it was supposed to do something but couldn't figure it out. I showed her. A flame erupted from the top and she yelped with excitement. Yelped. A poker chip lighter. Perfect.

Exhibit C:

Also featured earlier, but my sister loves cats and she kind of new I was going to give this to her. A little while back she accidentally saw the picture on my computer so I showed her the real thing. And then I wrapped it and gave it to her.

The green kitty

His long, long tail and widened eyeballs are so funny. He looks like he's been sitting in his home library smoking a cigar.

I could not present this gift to her on Christmas day though, because Sister and Steven were in Richmond.
A different Christmas being the only child at home.

Which brings me to Exhibit D and this one is just for personal pleasure.

I made Mom, Dad, Sister, and Steven each a Christmas card. Every year we joke about taking a picture for next year's Christmas card. We always take the picture(s), but not once have we sent Christmas cards. Last year's pictures were super so I took it upon myself to make the cards we've been waiting for. I had also found these velcro name tags that I was determined to use.



*The outtake was the plain tree on top. The family photo was the one on the bottom with our heads poking out. When looked at in quick succession, we appear to be magicians!

This year's photo:

Oh, technology.

This year's outtake. (Sorry, Dad.)

And, not related to the making of gifts, but the near-perfect gifts...I got my mom her own hoop. She might not agree with the near-perfect nature, but I have heard from the woman herself that she practices.

In closing, a few other things I love about Christmas:
*The tradition my dad and I developed: to go shopping for my mom the day before.
(This year we were early and went two days before!)

*Wrapping presents, especially when under a sheet tent because you're never too old for that.

*Stirring the gravy pot on Christmas morning.

*Dad's famous (in my book) eggnog.

*All the food.

I don't like that food, but it gives you an idea.

*All the family.

My mom's side: I'm only related to babies! My dad's side: Group cooking extravaganza!

Christmas was fantastic.
More to prove it here.