Wednesday, December 9

three people dressed as sharks

November 1
Progress of the bathroom renovation: getting all the outlets and light switches in place. (It looks so big when it is wide open.)

November 2
Living Room
Coloring with Bro while the dads work.

November 3
Front Yard
Our first attempt at finger painting. More like, paint eating and butt painting.

November 4
Henrico Doctor's
Getting that 20 week ultrasound! Tuco (that's the baby) is perfect as can be seen and has a gender!

November 5
Libby Mill Library
Our first trip to the new library. And now our favorite rainy day activity.

November 6
Front Yard
One of them appreciates fall (or just laying down) more than the other.

November 7
Libby Mill Library
Making a habit of this library thing and dressing smart for the occasion. (Don't be distracted by the missing sock, it's the blazer that counts.)

November 8
Khan's House
Celebrating Molly and Kha's baby girl-to-be with some serious cotton candy.

November 9
Living Room
A visit from Gramps means a new puppet!

November 10
Grandma & Grandpa Smith's
Playing "name that facial feature" with Great Grandma Zena.

November 11
Living Room
Surprisingly, plenty of beets still made it into her mouth.

November 12
Holy cannoli, we all survived one year! This little chunk is the sweetest, happiest, best (most of the time) part of our days!

November 13
Lewis Ginter
All the gingko leaves.

November 14
Living Room
We are now at the point where I put something away that she wants and she cries and tries to get it back herself. In this case I'm talking about crayons that she prefers to eat instead of color with.

November 15
ARC Park
Cousins starting a band. With one giant xylophone.

November 16
Practicing drinking milk from a sippy cup. I don't think she got as much in her mouth this time.

November 17
Taking care of all six of her chompers.

November 18
Living Room
Birthday party preparations: the obligatory monthly photos and then some. Andy's response, "We can stop doing those now, right?"

November 19
Front Yard
Crazy sunset made for crazy colors!


November 20
More birthday party prep! Molly, the cake genius makes this masterpiece.

November 21
Come Dressed as Your Favorite Sea Creature Birthday Party was a success! At least one person loved the cake and three people dressed as sharks. (Mabel being one of them.)


November 22
Leena's Room
Story time with Kiki.

November 23
The Japanese Maple makes the most fiery red leaves!

November 24
Donnelly's House
Cary, NC
Bath time for all the boogers!

November 25
Getting ready to say goodbye from our quick mini Roller reunion. Nothing like refueling with an old friend, even if it is for less than 24 hours.

November 26
Station 7
 Dinner at the station with the other firefighters and their families. Leena got to fully enjoy Thanksgiving and all it has to offer this year.

November 27
Ducky and Bunker's
Thanksgiving Round 2. More turkey and plenty of toys.

November 28
ARC Park
Early Olympic training in progress.

November 29
Leena's Room
I wish this kid liked to wear hats (or barrettes or headbands) more. This is the millisecond of half-wear that we caught for Tim, the giver of the hat when LB was born.

November 30
Leena's Room
The first of about thirty books to end up on the floor. To her credit, she does look at them at least a little bit before getting the next one.

Tuesday, November 3

our attempt to take an announcement photo

October 1
Grandma and Grandpa's House
N. Little Rock
Leena's first trip to Little Rock continues (from last month). She got to meet her Frost great grandparents and most of her other great aunts, uncles, and cousin-cousins! This is Aunt Terri trying to show her kids how fun it is to have kids.

October 2
The Root Cafe, Little Rock Zoo, Ariana's
Birthday breakfast with the fam, birthday zoo with my birthday twin and his fam, and birthday cake at my cousin's rehearsal dinner. Overall a pretty fantastic birthday!


October 3
Mom and daughters seizing the moment of being dressed up.

October 4
Hidden Valley Park
Mini Roller reunion! All these Rollie Pollies are so cute together!

October 5
Farewell lunch with Dad and Mom before heading to the airport.

October 6
Holiday Inn, Baltimore
Sky gazing.

October 7
Living Room
This might have been my dinner when Andy was working... (Those are peanut butter M&Ms for the record. Thanks, Uncle John.)

October 8
Have I mentioned I'm pregnant? (Sixteen weeks here!) Which explains that dinner (^) and that bump.

October 9
Andy took Leena to the river for the day so I could have some me time. I don't think Leena minded one bit because she got to eat one of Jimmy's cookies and show her belly.

October 10
Front Yard
We are embracing becoming a family of four. Mini van - check! And it's awesome.

October 11
Richmond Folk Festival
Leena dancing and clapping to Native American music and dancers. She was quite the little fan.

October 12
Eleven months, which means we almost have a one year old on our hands!

October 13
I have decided that quinoa is the messiest food for babies. It sticks to every exposed piece of skin and bounces like crazy. It's like pine needles after taking your Christmas tree down. I'll be finding it for years.

October 14
Making way for a dishwasher across the street!

October 15
Living Room
Night bottle and stories about Ireland.

October 16
Leena keeping the plumber in check.

October 17
National Harbor, MD
Visiting Grandpa Bud for the day on his annual trip to DC. That's my little pumpkin head sitting in a giant hand.

October 18
Living Room
More couch bottle time with Pops. I like it when Andy is off so I can witness these kinds of moments.

October 19
Living Room
That's my babysitter Zissou. If Leena steps out of line, she will swat her because she's a mean cat.

October 20
Front Yard
I knew Leena would enjoy fall because of all the leaves she can put in her mouth. There's evidence on her chin.

October 21
Golf Course
Leena is already refusing to be a part of anything to do with her younger sibling. Our attempt to take an announcement photo was a lame one. I blame Leena. Everything is harder with a baby (on the outside). You get the idea though. (Trust me, the vision in my head was way better.) 

October 22
Front Yard
Our best garden harvest was the sweet potatoes! And some of them were crazy shapes!

October 23
Halloween prep. Eight is a lot of legs, David.

October 24
Getting ready for a party and Leena wanted to stop at socks and shoes. Fine by me, but it is a little chilly outside.

October 25
Station 7
We went to the fire station to hang out with Andy and carve our pumpkin. They got a call so we carried on and turned the tv to cartoons.

October 26
Watching a movie and satisfying a cereal craving at 9 pm. In bed. Which makes cereal eating way more fun! I also enjoy that Andy had a bowl too.

October 27
She knows exactly what she's not supposed to be doing.

October 28
Living Room
Two things: Leena finds socks and holds them up for me to put them on her. And, her belly is making more and more appearances when she's not wearing a onesie. Little chunker.

October 29
ARC Park
Playing at the peek-a-boo wall.

October 30
Andy's been working nonstop the past several days on our second bathroom. It's like major renovations and being pregnant have to happen simultaneously at our house.

October 31
Baby's first Halloween! Miniature scuba diver and giant octopus! We went to Chipotle for cheap boo-ritoes because we are that cool and that hungry all the time.