Friday, February 24

slow but determined

February 15
Franklin Street
The walls in Richmond are full of surprises.

February 16
Our new cyborg. Okay, it's a sideboard, but how boring is that.

February 17
Knitting progress! I started over once and it was well worth it because now it is looking like it is supposed to!

February 18
The panic at the end of the day when no photo has been taken.

February 19
Front Yard
The snow that didn't last long. Probably because the day before and after were both in the sixties.

February 20
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
The mountains of towels to choose from when registering.

February 21
Front Porch
Side header: check! Our progress is slow but determined.

February 22
Dining Room
Made a cake in the morning for potluck in the evening. It is really good with coffee, which is great because who doesn't like an excuse to eat cake for breakfast?

February 23
Back Yard
First it snows, then the flowers bloom. Nature is going to be so confused by the time winter is over.

Saturday, February 18

we'll end with love

February 3
Short Pump
As I drove into work, I saw this crane and it seemed out of place to me. I can't put my finger on why though.

February 4
Whiskey Bar
Boys night out with tag along Lydia. Oops.

February 5
Living Room
This is what happens when 90% of our friends do not own television. Thank you, free internet streaming, for allowing us to watch the Super Bowl and, thus, host a party. I even put $2 on the Giants to win. Who's rich? This girl!

February 6
Front Porch
Sitting on the ladder and waiting for my next assignment.

February 7
Broad Street
I believe I was making an errand to Staples when I saw this stop-light installation. Like the crane, it just looked out of place. I think I can safely say that it's because the light is on the ground though.

February 8
A last minute potluck turns into a feast! The theme: choking hazards. My immediate thought when I saw the hot dogs: Field of Dreams. Not the intention of the bringer of dogs, but still.

February 9
I pass this milk building frequently and hope that it is full of tenants with cats and their cats only drink fresh milk directly from the giant milk bottles that hold this building up.

February 10
Kitchen Table
Showing off our accumulated mess. I'm slightly embarrassed, but I also slightly don't care.

February 11
This is my computer screen because all I have been doing lately is working. At WF, at the Y, and at home.

February 12
Before I sleep time.

February 13
Kitchen Table
Note the cleanliness. Also note the tulips I bought in preparation for Valentine's Day.

February 14
Kitchen Table
Andy also bought flowers for the V-Day (so fresh flowers abound in our abode). I made this heart-shaped carrot cake with maple mascarpone icing. Holy cow, it's good. We finished it today (the 18th), which might be record timing, and I'm already going through withdrawal.

Thursday, February 2

it's never a bad thing to give yourself a pat on the back

January 27
Stuart Ave.
I like to pick neighborhoods (not my own) to take exercise in. I'm going to give myself a pat on the back for coming across this one. The walls of the house were decorated with safari animals. I seriously though I found a secret zoo.

January 28
Whole Foods
Waiting for Andy to pick me up, I scoped out the aisles and made a plan for when (if ever) my name gets chosen for Super Market Sweep.

January 29
This makes me awesome I'm pretty sure.

January 30
Andy, his dad, and his dad's dad.

January 31
Monument Ave.
Sister and I took an afternoon walk and this was our turnaround. Need I mention these crazy 70 degree January days?!

February 1
One thing I love (maybe the most) about February is the conversation hearts.

February 2
Canal Street
I've always (and by always, I mean since I knew these existed) wanted to come across a yarn bomb. I didn't exactly "come across" this one because I saw it on a blog and knew it was on Canal Street, but didn't know exactly where. Anyhow, it is awesome. And I still want to "come across" one. This also marks the first day of last year that I started the one-a-days. I might pat myself on the back for this as well.