Sunday, January 1

Happy Birthday Jesus. It's Holiday Time!

December 23
Living Room
We celebrated Christmas with Andy's family early, mostly to accommodate Andy's working on Christmas day, but also my out-of-town schedule. Elisabeth gave us lots of finger puppets!

December 24
Little Rock
Mom and Dad's Living Room
Our goofy faces match our goofy pajamas. (Note: I love Christmas Eve traditions.)

December 25
Mom and Dad's Living Room
I also love present reactions (2010, 2009), like this one from my mom. Why is she so excited? you ask. Because behind that cheap poster frame are 32 lottery tickets from 32 different states. The second picture is also a reaction, but this time to her first scratcher (and incidentally her first winner). A big $4 from New Jersey!

December 26
The Capital Bar and Grill
Roller drinking and eating in Little Rock. There really is nothing that compares to getting together with your oldest friends. (Let me explain the pole in the foreground. Early in the day, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's family and did a "Silly Santa" exchange. I think I was the lucky picker with this extendable pole that attaches to your camera so you can take the winningest self photos ever. In public. It's call the xshot for anyone who is interested. And you all should be.)

December 27
Memphis Airport
That's where I flew in and out of. And thank goodness for it because otherwise I never would have seen this Elvis mosaic. (Or had a great two-hour car ride with my cousin.)

December 28
Lewis Ginter
The best part of the Garden Fest of Lights was this tiny carrier pigeon and these bunnies that play soccer and skateboard.

December 29
Living Room
Z's Christmas present from my mom. A santa costume "for cat's only". That's what the package said. Thank you for clarifying.

December 30
Dining Room Table
The inaugural game on our new (and very beautiful) Scrabble board. Nobody say anything about the word that is not an acceptable Scrabble word. Andy's word, my fault for not challenging. For the record, I smoked him.

The entire Christmas is [click] here.

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  1. FOR CATS ONLY?!!! the rabbits!!!! the pigeon.... I could barely finish reading. wow. xo