Friday, December 23

my first matzo

December 16
I'd been wanting to wear this vest for some time.

December 17
My secret present box stashed in the top of the closet.

December 18
I've been craving a good New York style bagel so I picked some up from Whole Foods. There's no comparison to Bagel Delight, but I guess it did the trick.

December 19
Whole Foods Parking Lot
Why am I mentioning Whole Foods so much. Because I work there now. In the bakery. And this is what it looked like when I left for the day.

Andy wanted/s to participate in the photo a day on occasion. He was at the river working on the house and they had a big fire at night.

December 20
Andy's still at the river and participating. This is Sam working on the windows.

Dining Room
Andy came home and we celebrated the first day of Hanukkah with matzo ball soup!

December 21
Living Room
Sometimes I think the pile of laundry warrants a photograph because it is so large.

December 22
Dining Room
Our Advent wreath.

Christmastime is coming next...

Friday, December 16

67 degrees in december

December 6
Office Floor
The crafts waiting for me to do them....

December 7
Living Room
This is a package Andy received from my aunt. Notice his new last name. I've been chuckling ever since. (Update: Sister just informed that it might not be wise to share my address with the world wide webs. GP, Sister, gp.)

December 8
Station 5
This is what the fire station looks like at night when everyone has gone to bed because Andy is watching television shows about steam engines.

December 9
This was the night of the lunar eclipse. I didn't know that at the time but was awed by the moon ring.

December 10
At least somebody likes all the insulation being inside.

December 11
Also Sunroom
You can see a tiny speck and that speck is the tiny spider that was climbing it's web back up into our fan.

December 12
I don't want to lie so I'll just say that I failed.

December 13
Sister's Kitchen
Holiday/Birthday cookies. There's a surprise inside!

December 14
Front yard
Z of the truck.

December 15
Dining Room
I dug this sign out to decorate for Andy's birthday potluck!

Tuesday, December 6

siding on the side

November 30
Back of House: Phase 3
The siding on the side (ha) is nearly complete.

And the windows have been installed on the back.

December 1
Back of House: Phase 4
First side of house complete. All we have to do now is put some stairs back in so we don't walk out to nothing. It does make a pretty nice exit point for things like trash though.

December 2
Back of House: Phase 5
The other side of the house is nearly there. It's not very exciting because there are no windows. There is a dryer vent!

In regular life, Whit left a Christmas present in the tree in our front yard. It's a coal rake (for Yody) he made out of an old railroad something or other.

December 3
Garland that I made for the Christmas tree.

December 4
Purcellville Volunteer Fire Station
We went up for the day to visit Andy's cousin and to work at the tree stand (and maybe to get ourselves a tree also).

December 5
Back of House: Phase 6
Almost completed! There's one little strip at the top left to do!

In regular life, the Christmas tree (that we got in Purcellville) is up and decorated (with the garland I made)!