Thursday, August 25

animals and knitting. that's seriously what this is about.

August 17
Office floor
I made a baby hat and put it next to Z for scale.

August 18
Living room
This is a giant monkey that I finally finished knitting after starting and stopping for three years. (I'm pretty sure it's been that long.) And that's Sister in an apron holding him up. We had a baking morning: two loaves of zucchini chocolate chip bread, one key lime pie, and one strawberry rhubarb pie.

August 19
booth at the Mexican restaurant in Kilmarnock
Sharing a giant margarita. It's only okay after having my cousin Devon's.

August 20
The dock
Dexter wants to jump in the water so badly but he just can't bring himself to do it. Here is everyone else jumping in. Over and over and over again.

August 21
From Robert Earl
A huge storm was happening while we dined and by the time we were done, this is what it looked like.

August 22
Living room
Tiny pig legs with britches on! I can't wait!

August 23
Computer screen
Proof that I experienced my first earthquake. You better believe I thought the rumble was from giant compressed air tanks getting ready to explode in the back of the shop.

August 24
Andy and I spent the morning brushing up on our skills.

August 25
Shop counter
I met Clooney today, as in George Clooney. Because that is the closest she (the owner) will ever get to being in bed with the real one.

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