Thursday, August 11

The end of summer begins with August

August 1
Whitten's back porch
Watching (and hearing) a storm roll in after a lovely dinner.

August 2
Dresser top
See my friend, Jeta, loves mini things. So this is a jar of mini origami stars I made for her.

August 3
Kitchen table
Our first box from Dominion Harvest! Peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, watermelon...!

August 4
La Bamba
Jeta visits and we go have neon green margaritas.

August 5
Legends Brewery
This was only one piece of a fun-filled day: a giant batch of waffles for breakfast, laying on the rocks on the James, dominoes on the deck at Legends (with this guy), Flying Squirrels game, and Sweet 95 for ice cream. Woot!

August 6
Tucker's living room
Meeting Asher for the first time! I'm teaching him how to make faces because it's never too early.

August 7
Tucker's kitchen
We are serious bakers and if you saw the pastries we made, you'd believe it.

August 8
Staples Mill Amtrak station
Ending the fabulous weekend and dropping Del off at the train back in time.

August 9
Job #4 has a lot of perks, like delicious dinner while I'm there and leftovers to bring home. That's Tuscan Kale Soup.

August 10
Bekah's apartment
Potluck at a new venue! With a pool! Theme: things made with water.

My favorite summer activities: outdoor dominoes, baseball games, water activities. It's going to be a good end. Heck, it already has been. See.

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