Wednesday, August 17

remembering the good stuff can save you

August 11
Hollywood Cemetery
I sure wouldn't mind that view for my final resting place.

August 12
Lewis Ginter
The roses really had their way with me. I got so many thorn pricks from summer pruning that day.

August 13
Short Pump mall
The full moon (it was behind me) was lighting up the sky in a most blue-y way.

August 14
The Fan
Walking around with Sister. She showed me her favorite street and I realized I had not yet picked one of my own yet in Richmond. In Brooklyn my first favorite street was Clinton Ave. between Willoughby and Dekalb.

August 15
Sunroom floor
Sometimes new socks are all you need to make you smile. That was certainly the case for me. They even went so far as to motivate me to wear a pair and go to the gym! Something I had not done in who knows how long.

August 16
Literally, I was lying in bed and realized there was no photo yet. That would be the view if I slept with my eyes open and always on my back. But I don't, so it's not.

This whole thing is a little bit funny because hardly ever does it shed real or complete insight into what I've been up to. For instance, these are the things you didn't see: me learning to use the wood splitter, a delicious date-night dinner where we ate tater tots with chopsticks, two more delicious dinners at restaurants with good company, seeing a movie, answering a question ("What does the future look like to you?") and singing a song in front of a dozen or so complete strangers, working at the culinary school with a parole officer,
and a much needed phone chat with my mom.

There were days during this week that seemed impossibly long and impossibly boring. So here I even surprise myself when I remember it all. The thing is, that boredom and that longness gave me tunnel vision for a minute. And tunnel vision is okay sometimes, but not when it blocks out all the good stuff.
And man am I lucky for all the good stuff.

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