Tuesday, August 2

not potluck, that's for sure

July 20
Lewis Ginter
In the morning I finished that giant assignment, in the afternoon I went to the dive shop, and in the evening I went to see Emmylou Harris. If only all long days ended with something so pleasant.

July 21
I-95 N
This took me ages to figure out what it was because it's so ridiculously awful (and hardly excusable). Driving home from potluck, I spotted the fireworks, realized I had nothing to show for the day, snapped my little camera, and shrugged my shoulders with an "oh well".

July 22
Front yard
It's been blazing hot here as it has been most places. Wearing clothes sometimes seems like torture, but I brought this dress I got at a thrift store way back when from my closet in Little Rock, where it was serving me absolutely no good. I just like the shoulder ties. They make me feel like a kid.

July 23
Henrico County Dump
Cleaning up the backyard in preparation for the tree cutting. Holy cow there was so much rubble.

July 24
Kitchen counter
Cherries and nectarines all ready to go into their cobbler dish and be baked to deliciousness.

July 25
Dining room table
A night of dominoes and homemade grilled veggie grilled pizza.

July 26
Seeing HP in style. That's a beer mug on the tray my dinner will soon be served to me on.

July 27
Staples Mill and Broad
Driving home from potluck, I realized I had nothing to show for the day, snapped my little camera, and shrugged my shoulders with an "oh well". Sound familiar? I don't know why I keep letting perfectly great opportunities with friends pass me by in the snapshot category. I'm going to consider myself too caught up in the moment of fun to realize.

July 28
The day before the tree comes down. You can see it in the back by the wood pile with a faint neon orange X on it.

July 29
There's a little man (well, he looks little) at the top of the de-branched tree. It looks way taller when it doesn't have all those limbs to bulk it up.

July 30
Otter Creek
Fresh tomatoes in the window at the river.

July 31
On the river
Elisabeth and I took a break from the work and went for a lovely kayak ride. Then she took this action shot of me.

1 comment:

    -Loved sharing Emmylou with you two.
    -The fireworks are amazing, love the colors.
    -The ties are "kid like" = fun, carefree and cute!
    -Clean up, yuk and great accomplishment.
    -Wishing I was on the pie of the month taste list.
    --Game night, HP night, "caught up in the moment potluck night," glad you are stopping to smell the roses. Aunt Helen would be proud.
    -that man is little and that tree is HUGE
    --Loved sharing time at the river. We never raided Lem's garden....ahhhhh and kayaking was way more fun than chores! Thank you for all your help! Don't forget to share pictures! :-)