Monday, September 5

2.5 weeks

August 26
Tucker's Living Room, Raleigh, NC
I wish you could see that baby Asher is only wearing a diaper with those argyle socks.

August 27
1703 Restaurant parking lot, Winston-Salem, NC
We got to a wedding brunch early so we took advantage of Robert Earl's bed. Just out of the hurricane's reach, it was a beautiful blue day with a nice breeze, perfect for napping and practicing our non-double chins.

August 28
Neighbor's Front Yard
Not out of Hurricane Irene's reach. We got home to a messy street and no power, but luckily no trees on houses.

August 29
See, no power. Reading by flashlight and I feel like I'm at summer camp again, except I'm reading Ayn Rand instead of Beverly Cleary.

August 30
From the Front Porch
We've got some resident butterflies. This one let me observe her sticking her little antennas in the flowers for a long time.

August 31
I don't think that sign is always upside down. But on my way home from work I noticed it.

September 1
Back Porch
No power day six. I'm impressed with our no-powering abilities to live in luxury. We had delicious meals on the grill almost every night.

September 2
No power day seven. This is literally how I survived: Wake up, put kettle on grill, wait for water to boil, pour into to air press coffee maker (thank you Brittany and Josh a thousand times), push giant syringe, enjoy piping hot and perfectly strong cup of wake-up juice.

September 3
Front Porch
I remember thinking about how a day can be made perfect with some porch sitting at the end of it.

September 4
Office Couch
Power's back! Actually it came the night of the 2nd, but I just got around to doing four loads of laundry. I've never been so excited to wash clothes. (Except for after that time our dryer broke in Brooklyn and I walked two baskets of wet clothes to the laundromat only to find I was too late and they were closing.)

September 5
No restaurant's are open on Labor Day at 9 pm. And apparently for a reason, since we were the only ones there.

September 6
I love things in bulk, especially when they start with an n, end with an a, and are made of hazelnut. P.S. Happy Birthday Dad!

September 7
Living Room
My all-consuming project for the last few days, but incredibly worth it and lots of fun. I'm a sucker for Memory Lane, and when the invitation says "gifts from the heart", I take it to, well, heart.

September 8
Finally having a proper chat with my dad (and mom) for his birthday. Andy is in the background making a monkey pop out of my head.

September 9
I'm not going to tell you where I am specifically because you should be able to figure it out with the clues. I could become a fan, that's all I'm saying.

September 10
Cathy's Couch, Hamilton, VA
Celebrating an incredible Bride To Be with family and friends.

September 11
Somewhere on 522 (I think)
We pulled over for this abandoned building and then an abandoned church a little while later. We couldn't get inside either, but it was still fun to explore some places millions of people pass by without taking a second glance.

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