Sunday, April 3

you ask why and there's never an answer

March 24
North 32
Mom staring patiently at the cream puff while I admire my new blue fingernails.

March 25
I considered changing my plates to LYDIACHRISTINE.

March 26
Deluca Gelato
Our mini cups came with mini cones.*

March 27
Just barely made the pie of the month in time. Orange cranberry chess was the flavor.

March 28
Scuba Center parking lot
Peanut Butter and Jelly are the mini horses' names.*

March 29
The crane procession.

March 30
West Grace
Saying good-bye to my first solo apartment.

March 31
I didn't think anything could make me smile at the end of that day, but the swimsuit package on the front porch did. Surprise pattern: unicorns and stars! The kids are going to love it. And so am I.

April 1
Lewis Ginter
The rose bushes are getting mighty bushy.

April 2
West Augusta, VA
Elwood Dale Harman, cheers to you and what was clearly your incredible life.

*Jeta, if I hadn't eaten it, I would've mailed it to you.
*Jeta, I did not eat the mini horses, but I could not have mailed one to you anyway.


  1. Awwwh, I guess I appreciate you thinking of me. But, I must say that receiving a mini horse in the mail might just have been the highlight of my life.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the blog shout out...makes me feel internet famous.