Tuesday, April 19

the format wins again

I'm not sure if the format has actually beat me like this before, but technology has. I will be missing some days in here because of technology. Just like I lost some hours with family because of it on Saturday. I admit my own contribution to both loses, but I'm too proud (and claim ignorance) to take full responsibility.

April 11
Dining Room*
Close up of sunflower. A last look at Mom's trademark move: fresh flowers for the dwelling.


April 12
Broad St.
So many buses in a line I thought I had accidentally ended up in a bus parade.

April 13
PF Chang's
You might think I went to some neat museum or exotic country, but no. I was just at a chain restaurant with giant horse statues. Those have always kind of weirded me out.

April 14
Back Porch
A lot of things make a great potluck. Two of them are wine and s'mores from the grill.


April 15
Lewis Ginter
These aren't the roses, but I think they will be budding next week!

April 16
Kenyon St.
If I just walked by this house on a street of houses, I might not notice the elephants on the roof. But it's not just any house and it's funny that I think of these elephants when I think of my uncle.

April 17
K Street
My *sister* preparing dinner in the front yard.

April 18
Dining Room
S'mores again! Yes, they are so good they required two documentations. The special thing about these is that we didn't have marshmallows and then we did.


*I decided to go more specific with my locations because it breaks up the monotony of tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya, tanya. Of course, now I have dining room, dining room, dining room, dining room. Just wait until I throw a bathroom in there.

I haven't linked to the extras in a while, but I saw some other neat things. Like a mural that looks suspiciously similar to my favorite Coney Island wall. And a man driving down the Interstate in a sidecar-looking thing. Fast. And the changes of my university. Here you go then.

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