Thursday, March 24

twice as nice

March 13
If you've forgotten what it's like to move, here's a reminder.

March 14
I chose a book off this shelf to read. Since this was several days ago, I can now tell you I read for about twenty minutes and I haven't made time to pick it back up again. Crying shame.

March 15
If there is ever a bed head contest, this might be a possible winner. I couldn't even show you the whole thing because it is that bad.
*The runner-up for today is definitely worth checking out*

March 16
West Grace
Yep, that's the bathroom floor.

March 17
Saint Patrick's Day Potluck. Chocolate Orange Guinness cake shaped like a heart!

March 18
Lewis Ginter
We had a mulch morning with the roses. Then I had a cherry blossom walk. So did that kid.

March 19
North 32nd
Sister's Birthday! She's three-oh!

March 20
Church Hill
Walking with Mom to get coffee and she noticed this little charmer.

March 21
I was trying to be like the National Geographic-ers and take a cool picture of lightening. One problem, I got impatient and this was the best I came out with. If you click on it, you can actually see the bolt. A little.

March 22
This is where we are going to run our office supply store.

March 23
64 East
That there is a car dressed like a dog!

Not that I need to make this post any longer, but I just wanted to share that my folks were/are in town. (That would be, my dad left on Monday and my mom is leaving tomorrow. Probably.) It's been refreshing and nice and nice. (Yes, I said it twice.) I felt the need to say so since there's not too much evidence here.

Also, you might have noticed the redesign. I have neither the knowledge or skills to really do this well. So consider it now a work in progress. And it probably will be for a while.

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