Monday, April 11

april come she will

April 3
Tanya Ave.
Sundays are for cooking. Sweet potato biscuits, deviled eggs, greens, and lentil loaf.

April 4
Tanya Ave.
Move-in treats from Oma!

April 5
Patterson Ave.
The days (and the shadows) are getting longer.

April 6
U of R Culinary Arts School
Washing dishes is a small price to pay for this.

April 7
Tanya Ave.
Family dinner time.

April 8
Tanya Ave.
I uncovered these when I was preparing for the yard sale. I immediately thought about taking up golf, but then realized they weren't my size.

April 9
Tanya Ave.
A worth-my-time yard sale. But nobody bought any clothes and Andy reminded me of that time I brought an overflowing cartful of clothes to Beacon's in the rain and all they took was one lousy shirt.

April 10*
Canal Walk
I'm sorry to say it took months for me to finally do a little Richmond exploring.

I like to note where pictures were taken so I can remind myself when I've either been spending too much time in one place or haven't been opening my eyes enough in others.

*This is also the day that Sister and I discovered our mutual love of certain country jams and had simultaneous desires to create Pandora stations so as to hear said songs more often. I could not take a picture of that.
But I can sure sing it in my head, or accidentally out loud.

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