Monday, April 25


April 19
Z's Vet
We went for round two of "Get Kitty Ready for the Outdoors" drugs, only we were two weeks early and will have to try again later. Poor Z is going to hate me every time she sees her carrying case.

April 20
Living Room
Name that progress: Blinds!

April 21
Blueberry pie for April. I forgot Steven's birthday and made him a mini one to try to make up for it. I think it worked.

April 22
Dining Room
Blueberry pie soup. Quite delicious really.

April 23
Grove Ave.
Sometimes I go on exploratory drives, or at least take streets I don't always use. Especially on a day where rolling down the windows is necessary so driving on the interstate just won't do.
*Happy Wedding Day Britton and Drew!*

April 24
the Dock
Easter at the River. I, like a first-class nimrod, sprained my ankle less than a minute after arrival. So instead of helping with the garden irrigation, I lounged in the sun and offered my opinion when asked.

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