Saturday, February 26

enjoying the passage of time

February 22
7105 Tanya
Our old college friend Tim comes in for a visit before he moves to China.

February 23
McCormack's Whiskey Bar
Potluck wasn't quite ready to end.

February 24
7105 Tanya
I can't go through a day without dessert. Ice cream...with peanut butter...and nutella.

February 25
It turned into the bluest blue and windiest wind day.

February 26
3332 W. Grace
Literally the first thing I saw when I woke up: Z sitting like a statue directly in the middle of my dresser, unmoving in her gaze.

February 27
Benedictine Parking Lot, Museum District
I'm wearing all green today. And so is this bus*.

Some days I take more than one photo. Those other ones are here.

*My nickname in college was Bus.

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