Sunday, February 6

2008 revisited

I have decided to change directions on my internet posting space. This is brought on by a few things, but mainly catching up with the past.

I currently work at a dive shop where some days are slow to say the least. I occasionally use the time (okay more often than not) to work on various projects. I got sick of my normal knitting, crane making, and reading so I dug into the archives of "to-do lists" and came upon something I started in 2008. On January 1, I began my New Years Resolution to take at least one photograph every day. The other morning, I pulled those photographs out, already mounted on card stock and picked up where I left off, writing captions for my 2008 daily activities.

Nearly there

This was a year before I had taken any photography classes or had anything other than a little point-and-shoot digital contraption. So most of these photographs aren't really anything worth looking at. Except that I can remember specific things about the days that I never would have been able to remember without a visual clue.

It forced me to look more. And when I didn't look hard enough during the day and night was upon me, I panicked and looked harder around my room, my house, at myself, out my front door. It became an impetus to see how I spent every day. It didn't make me a more exciting person necessarily. If anything, I saw how lame I could be when there were eight days in a row where a picture was taken of food or my cat or my closet.

But I'm glad I stuck it out (save the three days in November where I apparently had some sort of lapse).

So I'm going at it again even though it's not January 1. But I figure there is no better time to reflect and see more than when I'm beginning a life in a new place, with big changes, and cool experiences.

And for me, the picture of the blackberries in the colander will have a full story behind it.

February 2
3332 W. Grace
Introducing Ms. Betty

February 4
7105 Tanya
Droid's glamour shots

February 5
The River
Making tables and other things

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