Tuesday, February 8

another week goes by

February 6
my neighborhood, Richmond
I confess I saw this when I was on the phone so I did not examine it close enough to figure out what it is.

February 7
The Scuba Center
My new office gets gift baskets too.

February 8
3332 West Grace
Clearly those are chocolate chips and clearly I love the color green.

February 9
River Road
Sometimes you have to take a detour and then wonder why you don't find the sunrise more often.

February 10
3332 West Grace
Lad, Andy, Zissou

February 11
8931 Patterson Ave.
It's 5:40 pm and the sun is still shining. The days are getting longer.

February 12
7105 Tanya Ave.
Afternoon snack break with dinner in the background.

February 13
3332 West Grace
February's Pie: Chocolate tofu with graham cracker crust topped with strawberries.

Things I learned this week:
I don't think the groundhog was lying when he said spring would be coming soon.
If I don't get fat from all this baking/eating treats, it will be a miracle!

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