Tuesday, February 15

Feeling Groovy

February 14
3332 West Grace
Looking good so far. On my way to an alright turquoise velvet cake.

February 15
Maidens, VA
I met the alpacas that live across the street from the goats!

February 16
7105 Tanya
So I got a couple flowers for Valentine's Day. I love sunflowers the best.

February 17
Maidens, VA
A full moon to feed the goats* by.

February 18
3332 West Grace
I tore the seran wrap off my window so I could open it for the warm day. Z jumped right up.

February 19
Maidens, VA
There are cats to be fed also.

February 20
7105 Tanya
Painting trim in the attic for the attic.

February 21
3332 West Grace
I got desperate, thought about my favorite thing in my apartment, and turned to my shower curtain to bail me out.

*I feel the need to explain this before you all wonder why I'm spending so much time with an assortment of farm animals. We are currently goat/house sitting out in the country. Looking at the goats never gets old and it's hard not to talk back when they stick their tongues out to maaaa at me. So I usually do it back. The alpacas are about the funniest animals I have seen. They all have different bouffanty STLB hairstyles. I want one. An alpaca, not a bouffanty STLB hairstyle.

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  1. Maidens (♥ country living), alpacas with bouffant hairstyles , goats, flowers, open windows & fresh air, painting attic trim, groovy shower curtains, turquoise velvet cake, full moons, sweet little kitties….

    Lydia, you are one of my favorite “things!” Thank you for keeping your eyes peeled for ways to live life out loud and for sharing your “joy points” with us! You’re the bomb!