Thursday, March 3

Suddenly everything has changed

February 28
Patterson and Libby
If you look closely to your left side of the picture, you will see a man walking his dog...On his unicycle.

March 1
64 West
My midday commute going from swim lessons to scuba shop.

March 2
West Grace
Potluck theme: Tubers. Contribution: Sparkling Ginger Chip Cookies.

March 3
West Grace
My apartment is slowly diminishing.

March 4
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
My first day with the roses. Pruning time.

March 5
Laburnum Ave
At least I got to spend two hours in the truck with Abby. The kite festival was too packed.

March 6
The day of the desk requires a story.*

March 7
I was digging the little stemmed shadow. And if ever there is a time for wine, it is now.

*Fair warning, the desk story is not that exciting.
After spending approximately two hours (probably more, but I don't want to sound like I'm exaggerating) trying to get that giant desk through the little door, we gave up. We only gave up because I had to go get CPR certified. It was a frustrating morning; we wanted that desk in that room so bad that we tried every possible turn, angle, and position, but no dice. After a day of learning how to save lives, we got at it again. My arms were in a weakened state due to the aforementioned heavy lifting, so reinforcements were called. The trying started again (this time I was a spectator) and it was determined impossible without making some adjustments. Number one: the top of the desk was removed. This involved unscrewing about fifteen screws. Number two: the door jamb was removed. This involved a razor and a mini crowbar. And only after these adjustments would the desk barely slide through to the office, where it will remain for many years to come.
The End.

For more boring stories, there are some here, attached to the other photos of the course of these days.

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