Sunday, January 23

on a sunday evening

when i miss new york, i look at my photos. and that makes it worse so i'm not sure why exactly i think that's an appropriate coping mechanism. it's the closest i can get, but it will never actually get me there.

i do it anyway. i see what i used to see when i'd take a walk down any street. some of my old favorite places, even if they were behind grocery stores and even if they are places i could never find again unless it was by accident. i see all the places i went on a saturday afternoon. or a tuesday night. because it didn't matter when. it was always happening.

don't read this the wrong way though. i think i'm just homesick because i spent the weekend with one of my best friends from high school and that makes me miss things a little bit. everything that is/has been a big part of my life.

so that's all. i'm just reminiscing.

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