Sunday, October 17

Richmond, I am here

So maybe life hasn't continued to be quite as exciting since I stopped driving hundreds of miles every couple days, passing through the changing landscape of our fine country. That's not to say it's been boring though! And since I've waited a couple weeks to share anything, it will seem even more exciting! (Ha, good trick Frost.)

Two weekends ago at the Gaylord National, MLG was there. Don't know what MLG is? Well, I might not have either until I was face to face with thousands. They are gamers. Major League Gamers.

All these boys wearing headsets, small backpacks, pajama pants, and black hoodies playing video games against each other.

And, no, I did not go to the Gaylord just for the MLGers. I went because my dad was there for a conference. He brought along my mom, and Sister, Steven, Andy, and I went up to meet them. We had some enjoyable family and friend time and played on this giant sculpture. I sat on a big toe!

It's called "The Awakening".

Since then, Richmond has been stocking my fridge and pantry, copyediting and proofreading (not to jinx it, but the jobs are coming in pretty regularly), and figuring out how to handle my unstructured days. Um, it's hard. And I'm not going to lie, I miss New York and I didn't have time to think about it while I was on the road, but now I do. That's hard too.

The first meal I "cooked" at my apartment. The second meal I COOKED at my apartment.

But time is helping the little hole I feel. Richmond has cool things to offer. Like Toy Story 3 at The Byrd for two dollars! And riding my bike (thanks again, Nancy!) around the neighborhood through the fallen, colorful leaves without being fearful of crazy drivers!

And receiving unexpected, special mail!

Beautiful cloth napkins from Aunt Terri!

And the Celtic Festival! Funny thing about the Celtic Festival: I brought my big camera (that's what I call my Nikon) and was all prepared to capture the moments, etc. I turned it on and there was a big E flashing back at me, laughing in my face. I had taken the memory card out and forgot to put it back! Idiot!
So these are courtesy of my phone.

That is a sheep herding demonstration, and a man humoring kids by sword fighting with them.

Those are hardly a taste of the costumes, I mean cultural dress, that we saw. That's a Mini Cooper for Del.

In closing, I think it will all come together and I think I'll eventually get used to suburbia again. And if any of you out-of-towners need a break, Z and I make great hostesses.

And one last side note, because I feel the need to confess this: I downloaded the entire James Taylor discography today. I might have been influenced by mail from Aunt Terri, but I just couldn't help myself.

If you can't help yourself, here are more photos.

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  1. The Celtic festival sounds great! Love that kind of stuff. Speaking of which, have you seen the Extreme Sheepheders video? It's sensational.