Thursday, October 7

mile 3736 - 3853

Los Angeles was the farthest away before I had to go back in the direction of home.

That California sure is something. We drove on Highway 1 as much as we could between La Jolla and L.A., and those towns along the way are in a different world. We didn't stop because I'm not sure I would have known how to behave. Fancy.

Proof of our location.

See. Only fancy people cut their hedges in the shape of dolphins.

We had to take care of some business upon arrival in L.A. My trunk (of my car, not my pants) has been full of stuff for this woman who lives out here. My cousin works for her and she was going to ship it all, but I offered to drive as much as I could since I was heading this way. So we found Mary's house (not without Justin, of course) up some giant hills. I thought we were going to topple hood over butt it was so steep. Anyway, beautiful house, job done, empty trunk. It did result in basically scattering all my stuff around the car. So I'm really looking homeless these days and I kind of like it.

Next stop was my cousin Paul's apartment. A great spot right near UCLA. The evening was chill, both in activity and temperature. We went to dinner at a sushi place. Dish lish!

I fell asleep about five seconds after we got home.

Monday morning was drizzle rainy, overcast, and chilly again. Not the L.A. we expected. But I was happy for them for getting to experience some rain.

The day started with a super breakfast.

Some dude. JK. That's cousin Paul.

My breakfast. Mom and Paul's breakfast. (They're not sharing, they just got the same thing.)

Then we went to two different antique stores where Paul used to/still does work on occasion. They both had some really amazing pieces of furniture that were more expensive than your first- and second-born child. I sat in these funny chairs.

The sign behind the first shop.

The elephant chair and me being an elephant. The egg chair and me being a chicken.

Then we drove through the city to get a glimpse of the Hollywood sign. I know that's dorky. First of all, there is a secret neighborhood road that leads you to a good view. Second of all, we could not find said road so drove around really curvy, neat streets in the Hollywood Hills. Third of all, even if we had found said road, we would not have been able to see the sign because it was so foggy.
Fail Number One.

We continued on for the next activity: The Observatory. It's supposed to beautiful and on a hill with a great vista of the city...and the Hollywood sign. That part wasn't looking so good when we pulled up. The fog was so thick you could barely see ten feet in front of you, let alone the valley below. That's okay because what was inside is what mattered. The inside was empty. The door was locked. The sign said closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Fail Number Two.

The most we saw was the orbit of Uranus. Call that a slight win, I'm not sure.

That's okay. We had one more destination and we weren't going to let these mishaps get us down. To the Getty Center! Back through town and all the famous L.A. streets we went. We pulled into the drive, said hello to the parking security guy, and he said we could turn around right up there because the Getty Center is closed on Mondays. Seriously! I guess I should have known better having lived in a museum-filled city, but I have not kept track of the days in weeks. We laughed our heads off, turned around, and headed home.
Fail Number Three.

Skip forward a couple lazy hours to dinner. We went to Pace on the Canyon. Dish lish for real!
We tried to watch Coraline afterward, and again, I fell asleep. This time I lasted about 20 minutes though!

Even though it may seem like the day did not work out so well, we had a good time. So L.A., you have not quite won me over yet, but I think I'd be willing to give you another try.

And seeing cousin Paul was worth the crummy weather.

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  1. Lydia - Best Blog Ever. Honored to be a short part of the trip. Glad you are going to continue the blog. It will be fun, I know, even if you are stationary.


    Aunt Nan