Thursday, October 14

mile 4489 - 4872

It was already days ago so I'm probably going to be catch up brief!

Last Thursday Mom and I drove from Flagstaff to Santa Fe.

Our first stop was Meteor Crater, just East of Flagstaff. Remember the picture of the piece of the meteor from the Lowell Observatory. That's the meteor that made the crater! We got there right at 8 when they opened and looked at the giant hole. It looks smaller than it is. There were a few things for scale and you couldn't see them without looking through the telescopes placed on the rim.

The road we drove to get there. The big hole.

We tuned into the informational radio station on the way there and that's how we were reminded about the corner in Winslow, AZ that we would be passing. Of course we detoured! It was slight and the station boasted about a girl in a flatbed Ford slowing down. As promised:

A few notes about the benefits of traveling with a passenger like my mom. The air out there is incredibly dry and it shows. We both looked like we had rolled around in a pile of ashes. Or chalk. Anyway, while I was driving, Mom was kind enough to put lotion on my arms and hands. I'd just stretch one out and she'd rub it in. Now that is multi-tasking. The other good thing is singing duets. Not so much duets as just funny songs with someone. Anyway, our favorite is this and if you listen to it, it might be hard not to say "aha, mmm, hmm" any time your answer is yes.

We got to Santa Fe around 3:00 and went straight to the square.

Ah-doe-be. Same thing The Alamo is made of.

Everything closes around 6 so we didn't have much time. A bummer, but that's life on the road. We managed to refuel with some rooftop guac and beer, then moseyed into quite a few cool stores.

We had later dinner reservations at a place called The Shed. It was real good and hot. Spicy hot, which is something I am usually quite afraid of.

The tiny door that made me feel tall and normal people feel even taller.

Sad to say that was about all the Santa Fe we had.

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