Friday, October 15

mile 4873 - 6895

I'm sad to say that this is going to be the last "on the road" post. And I'm not even on the road anymore (I got back to Virginia on Wednesday!). That is NOT to say I will discontinue telling whoever about whatever. I just might have to try harder to make it sound more exciting.

So let's do this! I am going to lump the last bit together. It was more "business" driving and less "fun" driving.

As I said, Santa Fe ended abruptly and we left for a long drive to Dallas. We stopped a few times in Amarillo.

One, for the Cadillac Ranch. Apparently some rich guy wanted a public art installation and commissioned some hippies to come up with something. This is what they did. In the middle of a cow field. And there are still spray paint cans there. I graffitied!

Two, at Sears to see about getting my oil changed. No go. It was going to take a couple hours.

Three, at Schlotzsky's for lunch! You say, what is that? A great sandwich place is what it is and if you ever have the opportunity you should go.

Mom and I got to cousin Kelly and Michael's apartment around 8:00 that evening, where I met the baby Adele for the first time! Wahoo new family! They cooked us a lovely dinner and we hung out until bedtime. Dallas is big and crazy.

We left early the next morning, eager to get back to Little Rock. The drive was a short 5.5 hours and we were home by noon!

The Little Rock time was spent visiting with family and friends and doing exercise routines with Mom and Dad. (Mom=walk in the morning with her lady friends. Dad=bike ride in the evening on the River Trail.)

Nap time! And meatball making at the Beaumont's.

I was kind of sad when I had to pack up so quickly just a day and a half later. Zissou and I left early Tuesday morning for the long road. I was sick of doing the drive through Tennessee and I thought I needed to change it up if I wanted to continue the spirit of the road trip a little longer. It was a half-assed attempt. I did drive different roads, through Kentucky and West Virginia, but I didn't make any detours.

Cotton on the roadside!

I had the cat and I didn't think it would be nice to make the 18.5 hours any longer than it needed to be. We stayed the night in Charleston, WV.

Z's various spots. She also liked to climb over my left shoulder from behind my seat and crawl onto my lap.

Here's the story, I was not planning on bringing Z back with me. But on Tuesday morning, as I was packing in the last bag, my mind was changed. I already had a hotel reservation so I was going to sneak Z into my room. When we got there, I saw that would not be possible as the elevators and stairs were right by the front desk. She had to sleep in the car! I felt like the worst mother ever and made sure she was as comfortable and set up as possible. Don't report me! She survived and didn't even seem too mad at me.

And now home sweet home is ole Virginny.

Look at those trees! Fall is among us!

The rest of the pictures are here. (Santa Fe and Little Rock. Sorry, Dallas, I didn't mean to leave you out of the photographing, but it was dark and traffic-y.)

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