Sunday, October 10

mile 4126 - 4488

I can't say I was sad to leave Vegas. Especially because the next stop was Flagstaff and I had never been there before.

The journey was a good one. We crossed the Hoover Dam and saw the new bridge they are building.

We stepped off of I-40 for old Route 66. Now that was fun, the little towns we went through and the way they cling to the Route 66 fame. We stopped in Seligman at one of the general stores. I got Leeny a pet and there was a penny machine! (I know I haven't mentioned penny machines yet, but this was the third of the trip.)

Leeny's new pet! I can be like that too!

So that morning, there were 4 tornadoes in a town just west of Flagstaff. We drove through that town and saw the damage. The power line poles were angled and there was an RV station that was all kinds of torn up. We also saw two overturned 18-wheelers. Luckily the weather had cleared up quite a bit by the time we got there.


That night, we walked around the little town, went into a couple shops, and then went to the Lowell Observatory. We saw a piece of the meteor that made Meteor Crater just east of Flagstaff.

The next day, Tuesday, we drove to Sedona. It's a beautiful drive through forests and canyons. then you get there and it's stunning.

Red rock canyons in every direction. There's pretty much one street where everything is happening and it's just shops and restaurants, but full of local art (and tourist T-shirts).

We had a handy book that told us the geological points of interest so we slowly went down the line, hopping from one to the next. Oh, and to get to some of these we had to do some serious off-roading. I think Leeny won an award for hanging tough.

Okay, so those aren't as geological as the others, but they were neat. And that was just a giant house.

Before heading back to Flagstaff, we walked on an easy trail to a creek with sheer walls a thousand feet high.

We also came across these old structures.

Mom feeling the energy from the vortex. Me being a monkey, or something.

That night we ate Thai food. Mmmm.

When we woke up the next morning to get going it was so cold the car had frosted over and I had to warm it up!

All the photos here!

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  1. You are making me want to hop in the car and drive far away from here. I love how every post has a little something bad that has happened, but you still remain so happy and optimistic. xoxo