Thursday, March 22

a quick, stinky bus ride

March 15
Grand St. Station
I have arrived! Funny thing happened on my way to Brooklyn. I stepped on the train and immediately across from me was a guy I used to work with. The city is so small sometimes.

March 16
Union Square
Hanging with Lucy and Loni for the afternoon. I haven't seen Lucy since she was months old, but as soon as she stepped out of her stroller she reached up for my hand. My heart melted from her sweetness.

March 17
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Jane's Carousel used to be indoors indoors, which means it was in a building with concrete walls. Now it is indoors outdoors, which means it's in a glass box on the river's edge. Heck yes we rode her charming horses!

March 18
Flatbush Ave.
Lydia meet Mac. Mac meet Auntie Lydia. I'm in love with this snow baby.

March 19
Front Yard
Our progress! I swear things are changing.

March 20
That's me preparing a pie to be baked.

March 21
Deep Run Park
The first time we walked right by this I didn't notice a thing. The second time we walked by twenty feet away, I exclaimated (not exclaimed), "Holy cow!"

So my last minute trip (click it!) to the old boroughs was a medicine I needed so dearly I didn't even realize it.

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