Wednesday, March 7

holy cow food

February 24
This is the alarm I set for the next morning. Yes, that's a 4:30 a.m. wake up call. That's what happens when I get the morning shift.

February 25
Dining Room
Poker night! Matt and I split the big winnings.

February 26
Peter Chang's (Not to be confused with PF Chang's)
We decided to try out this new and noteworthy Chinese restaurant with friends. It was quite tasty, but left me with sausage fingers the next day because it was so salty.

February 27
Sunroom Floor
Picking the postcards to send to people.

February 28
Z has decided she prefers the fake window entry into the kitchen as opposed to the door. The only problem with this one is that it lands her right in the sink. But it's funny when she pops her head up like this.

February 29
The Larkum's
Andy rocked Eva (and himself) to sleep at potluck.

March 1
Holy cow, I hate grating carrots even if they are for delicious carrot cake and especially when I'm doubling the recipe.

March 2
Unos Gallery
We went to an art show for our friend, Abby. A perfect opportunity to take at least one picture. But I didn't, like a lazy idiot. So instead I have copied a piece of her art from her blog (check it out!) and showcased it here. I don't think she'll mind the plug. And she does really awesome things.

March 3
I really wanted to have beer and popcorn for dinner. When I realized we didn't have any beer I was forced to cook real food.

March 4
Back yard
Andy got us more wood because it's almost wood-chopping time again. My favorite.

March 5
Whole Foods
You better believe that I am buying an emu egg for the next special occasion that comes up.

March 6
The Smith's
Jamaican potluck with Mara's family and this is the tail end pickins.

March 7
Dining Room
Perks of the culinary school job: I had creme brulee for lunch and got to bring home all these different slices of cakes and mousses to have for dinner.

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