Wednesday, March 14

outside is where i want to be

March 8
Libby Hill Park
I had been wanting to see the view from this park for some time. I finally went to see it and came across the remnants of a yarn bomb!

March 9
City Dogs
Craving a Brooklyn-like outing, I made Andy come here with me. They were weenie dogs and mostly bun. Kind of disappointing. We did go see Hugo at the Byrd and ate popcorn and M&Ms so that helped.

March 10
Dining Room
Our new rug. It's colorful and pretty.

March 11
Park in Church Hill
Sister and I took Eddie (that's him in the photo) for a walk. Then we went to Babies R Us and wanted to buy all the tiny clothes.

March 12
Z and I took a nap on a blanket in the backyard because the weather was sooo nice. And I love to sleep outside. Preferably in parks and in a sleeping bag, but I wasn't complaining.

March 13
Front yard
I know it doesn't look like much, but I thought it was worth noting our porch progress. Today I got to measure and cut all the 2x4s for the little holes in the top. I felt powerful. And I was even wearing my own tool belt.
P.S. I'm going to have a niece! And I will go back to Babies R Us and buy her those cute clothes.

March 14
Even though you can't see that very well, it's the temperature gauge in my car. It says 87. When I first got in the car it said 91. Now, whether that was reading the temperature of the inside of my vehicle after sitting in the sun for some hours or the air temperature outside doesn't matter because that is dang hot for March regardless.

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