Thursday, April 12

This spring is more like summer so I've been outside a lot.

March 22
Front Porch
Yay spring! Azaleas budding, even though they've been living under a ladder.

March 23
Front yard
Believe it or not, this is my first time to ever mow a lawn. I kind of liked it!

March 24
Dining room
Leftover desserts from culinary school work. I will take any form of payment.

March 25
Sneaky kitty.

March 26
Bryan Park
This tree wants to go swimming so badly.

March 27
Back yard
Z following me around and climbing my leg.

March 28
Ah! I pulled up to a stoplight beside this car and this guy popped up!

March 29
There goes our eggs.

March 30
A night in (okay, who am I kidding, that's most nights) watching Fantastic Mr. Fox. I want a pet fox that wears pants and whistles and clicks his tongue.

March 31
Monument Ave.
Once I noticed this yarn bomb, I started seeing them everywhere! Way to make the 10k festive!

April 1
Plumb Street
Richmond has charming alleys (in the daytime). To me, this will remind me how I spent the day with two old roommates from college and walking to my car afterward. To you, it won't mean much. That's what's neat about these photos everyday.

April 2
Butcher block
Our fruit bowl full of tiny oranges.

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