Friday, February 24

slow but determined

February 15
Franklin Street
The walls in Richmond are full of surprises.

February 16
Our new cyborg. Okay, it's a sideboard, but how boring is that.

February 17
Knitting progress! I started over once and it was well worth it because now it is looking like it is supposed to!

February 18
The panic at the end of the day when no photo has been taken.

February 19
Front Yard
The snow that didn't last long. Probably because the day before and after were both in the sixties.

February 20
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
The mountains of towels to choose from when registering.

February 21
Front Porch
Side header: check! Our progress is slow but determined.

February 22
Dining Room
Made a cake in the morning for potluck in the evening. It is really good with coffee, which is great because who doesn't like an excuse to eat cake for breakfast?

February 23
Back Yard
First it snows, then the flowers bloom. Nature is going to be so confused by the time winter is over.

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