Tuesday, December 6

siding on the side

November 30
Back of House: Phase 3
The siding on the side (ha) is nearly complete.

And the windows have been installed on the back.

December 1
Back of House: Phase 4
First side of house complete. All we have to do now is put some stairs back in so we don't walk out to nothing. It does make a pretty nice exit point for things like trash though.

December 2
Back of House: Phase 5
The other side of the house is nearly there. It's not very exciting because there are no windows. There is a dryer vent!

In regular life, Whit left a Christmas present in the tree in our front yard. It's a coal rake (for Yody) he made out of an old railroad something or other.

December 3
Garland that I made for the Christmas tree.

December 4
Purcellville Volunteer Fire Station
We went up for the day to visit Andy's cousin and to work at the tree stand (and maybe to get ourselves a tree also).

December 5
Back of House: Phase 6
Almost completed! There's one little strip at the top left to do!

In regular life, the Christmas tree (that we got in Purcellville) is up and decorated (with the garland I made)!

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