Friday, December 16

67 degrees in december

December 6
Office Floor
The crafts waiting for me to do them....

December 7
Living Room
This is a package Andy received from my aunt. Notice his new last name. I've been chuckling ever since. (Update: Sister just informed that it might not be wise to share my address with the world wide webs. GP, Sister, gp.)

December 8
Station 5
This is what the fire station looks like at night when everyone has gone to bed because Andy is watching television shows about steam engines.

December 9
This was the night of the lunar eclipse. I didn't know that at the time but was awed by the moon ring.

December 10
At least somebody likes all the insulation being inside.

December 11
Also Sunroom
You can see a tiny speck and that speck is the tiny spider that was climbing it's web back up into our fan.

December 12
I don't want to lie so I'll just say that I failed.

December 13
Sister's Kitchen
Holiday/Birthday cookies. There's a surprise inside!

December 14
Front yard
Z of the truck.

December 15
Dining Room
I dug this sign out to decorate for Andy's birthday potluck!

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  1. The cookies were amazing and very beautiful, please share the recipe. The birthday potluck was so fun, thanks for pulling that together. I love to see Andy Sniff and Z bonding so nicely; they are sooo cute. Your home is so cozy and festive, kudos! xo