Wednesday, November 30

it's all measured in phases

November 21
Kitchen Counter
Thanksgiving: Phase 1
The crust doughs are made.

November 22
Back of House: Phase 1
The windows have been purchased and acquired.

November 23
Dining Room Table
Thanksgiving: Phase 2
The pies have been made.

November 24
Sam and Meg's
Thanksgiving: Phase 3
The family has gathered and eaten.

November 25
Thanksgiving: Phase 4
Bob and Elisabeth's kitchen
The official move to Christmas. Cookie making and listening to Amy Grant. It had been awhile since I'd heard "Baby, Baby".

November 26
Front Porch: Phase 1
Purchasing Lumber. (I guess Phase 1 might have actually been when we uncovered all of the rotten wood that was "holding" the porch up.)

Followed by Hers His Burritos.

November 27
Chimborazo Park
I stopped at the park by sisters to see what the sunset looked like and I found Richmond's very own Statue of Liberty.

November 28
Back of House: Phase 2
Old doors have been replaced with new French door and new casement window.

Front Porch: Phase 2
Bob and Andy secure the premises before knocking all the rotten stuff down.

November 29
Front Porch: Phase 3
Rafters and new header in place.

More phases tk.

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