Monday, November 7

Some weeks are pretty normal and that's okay

October 30
Sun Room
Yody's first fire! We are so proud of her.

October 31
Hanover and Strawberry
My first Halloween in the Fan. It was a rainy one, but by far the most insane trick-or-treating I have ever witnessed. And that's my friend Abby as the ringmaster of her circus-themed house, because I'm pretty sure there was a clause in their lease about going all out on Halloween. If you look closely you will see her tiny top hat.

November 1
This is a flipping egg disaster. I attempted to flip two at once and only one survived. I'm okay with the failure, though, because it was pretty dang funny. I've had egg spillage incidents in the past and they always seem to land on every possible surface on the way down.

November 2
Kitchen Wall
I think we discovered some earth quake damage...Or maybe just classic paint crack syndrome.

November 3
A Street in the Hood
After I accompanied Andy to his barber (I felt like I got to go inside a secret club), we took a walk and look at that fall showing us how pretty she is. Rub it in all you want. I love it.

November 4
Kitchen Table
My first attempt at creme brulee. Both chocolate and vanilla. I think it was good because at 3:00 I ate half of a chocolate one (saving the other half for Andy, of course) and then at 6:00 I finished it.

November 5
Patrick Henry Pub
We walked outside to leave and there were tons of motorbikes of all varieties. Not until I lightened this photo did I notice the lady bug helmet!

November 6
Office Couch
A little star crafting in the afternoon.

P.S. I got one more job. At another bakery and I think this one will be better. I will keep you posted. Literally, because these are called posts.

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