Wednesday, November 16

The Other Williamsburg

November 7
Z giving me the stink eye for interrupting her nap in her new favorite spot. I can't say that I blame her.

November 8
Baking corn muffins in the ten cent generic princess cupcake holders Andy got me.

November 9
Front yard
A near full moon through the clouds.

November 10
Williamsburg (the Colonial one)
Walking down the pedestrian road, we saw some giant sunflower skeletons hanging on to their stalks for as long as possible.

November 11
AMF Williamsburg Lanes
Andy and I going head to head. We played two games and on both of them I got two strikes in the first two squares. After that I kind of went down hill. I guess that's the only place you can go after strikes though. (He won. Cumulative score. But only by six points.)

November 12
Colonial Williamsburg
This trip was really my first time to the historic place and seeing all these reenactors made my day. Over and over again. And then we got to go in the stocks (<-pictures!) and my day was made again.

November 13
Back home now, but something bit me in Williamsburg several times. This was just the most photographic one.

November 14
Living room
He's asleep.

1 comment:

  1. Those folks in Williamsburg are in costume reenacting? They aren't real?

    Princess papers for 10 cents = priceless.

    Oh brother, I've seen that sleep pose before......