Sunday, October 30

Tough Mudder by Morning, Gaylord by Night

October 21
Dining Room Table
Preparation for Andy's Tough Mudder race tomorrow. What is the best trail mix ingredient? Most would say M&M's, hands down. They would all be wrong. It's Oatmeal Squares cereal.

October 22
Wintergreen, VA
Apparently this is what it means to be a Tough Mudder (pictures!). I preferred to remain a Tough Spectator. (Yes, I had to sign a death waiver to watch.)

October 23
The Potomac
Our annual visit to the Gaylord (pictures!). At least we rode the ferry to Alexandria this time. That's my pops and me all cool in the wind and sun.

October 24
Dining Room Table
Oma brought us some Kinder eggs back from Germany. Andy's had this carpenter grandpa elephant (he's wearing a bow tie and reading glasses). Mine had a drawing with hidden sea creatures and a secret decoder to see them with. How apropos.

October 25
The summer to winter change out. It's sad to put all these pretty fabrics under my bed, but it always feels like shopping when it's time to get them back out.

October 26
Carytown Parking Lot
One thing I love about "after work" is still seeing the sun in the sky, even if it is low and about to disappear.

October 27
Kitchen Counter
We keep getting squashes from our CSA so I finally used them all at the same time and made a pretty good squash soup. Yay fall time!

October 28
Whit and Andy getting our new wood stove, Jody (pronounced Yody), all ready for use. Good thing, too, because this morning it was 33 degrees and tonight it's supposed to be 29.

October 29
Whiskey Bar
So I am most ashamed at my lack of preparation for Halloween this year, and last for that matter. Anyway, this is what I came up with in 20 minutes. At least they are real firefighter suspender pants and at least I have a good ready-to-put-out-a-fire face.


  1. The hammer *cough* AX is the best part Lydia :)

  2. Thanks, Nora. I'm going to step it up for tomorrow and use cardboard!