Sunday, October 16

Wilmington is for Lovers

There's a necessary preface to these days because they were more special than most. Because I participated in a wedding. And when you are helping one of your dearest friends go from "He's my fiance" to "He's my husband" it's a pretty big deal. And a pretty big honor that they want you to be one of the ones standing beside them with the backstage view--the right before you leave her and you get to share that last smile and mouth those last words as you see her almost-husband waiting like the happiest man alive. Because right then, he is. Then, starting right away with the waving ribbon wands as they walk down the aisle as The Logsdon's, everyone has a fantastic night celebrating.
*Congratulations, buddy!*

October 6
Room 602, Wilmington, DE
A bachelorette slumber party complete with pj pants, facial masks, Bridesmaids (the movie and the real ones), and gummy worms.

October 7
The Soda House, Wilmington, DE
Progress being made on the decorations. This is the mantle they got married in front of.

October 8
The Soda House, Wilmington, DE
There was finally an excuse after 10 years of carting around my costume bag from state to state. It was needed for the photo booth.

October 9
The Strand, New Castle, DE
Walking around before we begin our drive back south. A perfect fall day and the trees that remind us.

October 10
Kitchen Counter
I bought these little tartlets with the ambition of using them to make little tartlets for an interview. You know, writers bring samples, artists bring portfolios, bakers bring baked goods.

October 11
Kitchen Table
Tartlets didn't work out so well, but I used the shape to make tart cookies and put all the stuff on top. I'd say that for a "disaster" they turned out to be quite nice. Oh, and I got a job. Not baking, but in a bakery.

October 12
Living Room
Family reading on a rainy afternoon. Even Z wanted to check out the old wedding program Andy was using as a bookmark.

October 13
I hope Beth doesn't read this before she gets her mail. If so, well here's a preview of Hoot's new stuffed animal. A piggy wearing trousers!

I didn't do a great job of taking photos during the wedding weekend extravaganza, but the ones I did take are here.

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